Zimmerman Could Be Acquitted Friday; Get Ready for Riots, Curfew

James Buchanan
Altermedia News
July 12, 2013

Zimmerman-injuriesThe prosecution made a desperate attempt to add more charges against George Zimmerman including aggravated assault, manslaughter, third degree murder and even child abuse. The child abuse and third degree murder charges were dropped by the judge after the defense attorney, Don West strongly objected, but a lesser charge of manslaughter was added.

The reason the prosecution is doing this is that they know they will lose on the second degree murder charge after the disastrous performance of their witnesses and the fact that they really didn’t have evidence to bring charges against Zimmerman in the first place.

Mark O’Mara will be making the closing remarks for the defense, and he’s already stated that he will argue that if Zimmerman used self defense then he’s innocent of not only second degree murder, but also manslaughter (and presumably any other criminal charges that the prosecution may add on at the last minute).

The all-female jury may feel pressured into making a compromise verdict because of the threats of Black violence.

The prosecution in its closing remarks claimed that Trayvon through “no fault of his own” was shot dead. Excuse me, but did Bernie de la Rionda miss all the pictures of George Zimmerman’s head covered in blood, and the expert testimony that said head injuries are extremely serious and that too many minor concussions or stunnings could be fatal??

The prosecution tried to paint an image of innocent little “St. Trayvon” which of course is much easier after banning the admission of over 600 photographs as well as Twitter messages that show Trayvon to be involved in drug-dealing, illegal gun selling and MMA-style fights.

One thing being left out of all this is that Trayvon really was casing homes for future burglaries. In one of his statements Zimmerman said Trayvon was looking “into homes” in that neighborhood. Near the scene of the altercation, the police found a “slim jim” which in all probability was discarded by Trayvon because he was afraid the police might be coming. A “slim jim” can be used to break into houses or cars.

Also, this was a gated community with BIG neighborhood watch signs. Trayvon had a good idea of who was following him and he knew he had been caught staring into people’s homes (which is why he chose not to keep walking home which is what an innocent person would do –Trayvon didn’t want the Neighborhood Watchman and the police finding out where he lived and who he was).

Add to all that, the fact that Trayvon was caught with women’s jewelry and a burglary tool at his school. As far as I’ve heard the state of Florida never compared that jewelry with reported stolen items in Sanford, Fl. The jury unfortunately has been denied the information about Trayvon with the bag full of jewelry and a burglary tool, which would allow any logical person to quickly connect the dots and rule out Trayvon being some innocent child who is “in heaven” now. The Twitter messages and phone pics strongly suggest that Trayvon is in the other place.

There is a world of difference between Whites and Blacks on this case.

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