Zimmerman Post-Acquittal Insanity: Blacks and Jewish Media Respond

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 14, 2013

A free man.

The whole George Zimmerman media psycho-drama has been completely insane from the beginning, demonstrating the degree to which the Jewish controlled media is capable of skewing basic reality in order to cause confusion and chaos in our society.  With the trial over, Zimmerman having been found not guilty of all charges by a jury of his peers, it seems that the sick lunacy is going to keep rolling on.

After shooting the black criminal Trayvon Martin, Zimmerman was not charged by police, as it was clear at the scene that he had acted in self-defense.  Shortly after, the circus began, with clowns such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton leading a televised lynch mob. NBC edited Zimmerman’s 9/11 call regarding Martin’s presence in the area for the express purpose of making it appear as though this was a racially motivated murder.  Obama came out and purposefully enraged the black hordes by making the deranged statement that if he had a son “he would look like Trayvon.”

The fact that Zimmerman isn’t actually even White was irrelevant to this bizarre narrative.

The original prosecutor for the case, who said there was no reason to even charge Zimmerman with manslaughter, stepped down, and the case was given to a special prosecutor, who arrested and charged Zimmerman with with second degree murder, 44 days after the incident.

The Facts are Irrelevant

More than a year later, Zimmerman’s trial for murder was broadcast in its entirety, and the whole world was able to see the abject ridiculousness of charging this man with murder, simply for defending himself against a crazed, savage attacker.  All three of the prosecution’s witnesses confirmed the position of the defense.  It was as open-and-shut as the officer on the scene and the original prosecutor had determined many months earlier.

And so it ends.  Ah, but no – it doesn’t end.

Even with the facts of the matter made clear, beyond the shadow of any doubt, to the whole world, the blacks and Jewish media are going to continue pushing the issue, now twisting it into a situation where the entire justice system (as well as randomly selected jurors, apparently) is corrupt and geared against blacks.

Black Athletes and Celebrities Respond

Here are some Tweets from famous black folk, which I think do well to illustrate the reality that it is impossible for the vast majority of blacks to believe they are capable of doing anything wrong – this victim attitude is a kind of mass psychosis, which infect the greatest part of the population.


Lennox Lewis they all look the same Zimmerman Verdict Victor Cruz Zimmerman Verdict Desean Jackson Zimmerman Verdict Chad Johnson Zimmerman Verdict Derrick Coleman Zimmerman Verdict Warren Sapp Swin Cash Zimmerman Verdict Jason Whitlock Russell Shepard Jr.. Zimmerman Verdict Jared Sullinger Zimmerman Verdict DeAndre Jordan Zimmerman Verdict Jamal Crawford Zimmerman Verdict Brendon Ayanbadejo Zimmerman Verdict Adrian Peterson Zimmerman Verdict Darnell Docket Zimmerman Verdict Jared Dudley Zimmerman Verdict Kendrick Perkins Zimmerman Verdict Steve Johnson Zimmerman Verdict James Harrison Zimmerman Verdict Nazr Mohammed Zimmerman Verdict Shaq Trayvon Verdict Roddy White Tweet


Keri Hilson Zimmerman Verdict Steve Harvey Zimmerman Verdict Dule Hill Zimmerman Verdict Will.i.am Zimmerman Verdict Diddy Zimmerman Verdict Chris Brown Zimmerman Verdict Rihanna Zimmerman Verdict Whoopi Goldberg Zimmerman Verdict John Legend Zimmerman Verdict Nicki Minaj Zimmerman VerdictCan you all remember the celebrations after OJ, an obviously guilty murderer, was let off for butchering his White wife?  Guilty or innocent is irrelevant to these people, as they view themselves as at war with the same White society which feeds, houses and clothes them – even when that society decides to make them into millionaire celebrities.

Huffington Post Reaction

Though the Huffington Post is almost a caricature of liberal Jewish media, it also serves to define the party line – some tone down the message, but the core of it is the same.  This makes it a good place to see and analyze the dominant subversive messages of the Jewish power which controls our society.

They presently have this at the top of the front page.

Breaking News and Opinion on The Huffington Post - Zimmerman Wins WahhhhBelow are two op-ed pieces by “intellectual blacks” (presumably, some Jew wrote them) that are so far isolated from the most basic, objective realities, that it is almost impossible to comprehend that any person is capable of taking them seriously.

The first, entitled “Still Awaiting a Post-Racial America,” is by the lunatic Reverend Al Sharpton, can be summed up thusly: “waaaaaahhhh!!!”

Martin Luther King, racial equality, “they be down on us,” blah blah blah – blacks are the victim in every situation, even when they attack people with rocks.

The second piece, entitled “Zimmerman Verdict Is a Clarion Call for the Nation to Grapple With Racial Injustice” is by Judith Browne Dianis, the co-director of the Advancement Project, a crybabying black “civil rights” group that focuses on blaming creepy-ass crackers for the fact that blacks can’t read or keep from committing violent crimes.

She begins the piece by repeating the gibberish claim that Zimmerman stalked and killed Trayvon simply because he hated blacks for no reason (if I were Zimmerman, I would start filing libel lawsuits against all of these people), then calls on the Federal Department of Justice to do something to Zimmerman, since his peers decided not to.  She then goes on to list off a bunch of statistics about how black people are kicked out of school and constantly in prison, presuming that this is somehow a result of vague forces of “racism,” rather than what anyone would otherwise simply assume, which is that it is due to the behavior of blacks.

She finishes thusly:

The movement must not stop with this verdict but continue on until each and every young man of color in America can walk the streets in any of our nation’s neighborhoods unafraid, knowing not only that he is safe, but that his country walks beside him.

Could there be anything more deranged than the suggestion that it is blacks who are afraid of White people?  After all, they are the ones robbing, murdering and raping us – they are afraid because there are consequences for doing so?

Instead of calling on the black community to stop acting like savages, this woman is calling on the White community to ignore their behavior – what could possibly be more Orwellian?

The System is Unfair to Blacks – Really, This is True

It is important to understand that this whole situation is unfair to black people.  Just not in the way they tell you it is.

The hard reality is that black people are very, very different than Whites, and expecting them to somehow seamlessly integrate into our society is as unfair to them as it is to us.  Malcolm X understood this, and so wanted separation of the races.  But Malcolm was killed, and the communist shill Martin Luther King was presented as the hero, telling the blacks that they should try their best to mimic the behavior of Whites, integrate into a society that they can’t possibly be expected, on the whole, to ever really understand.

The present black leaders, as Rev. Sharpton declares in his article, are following this same mold – continual attempts at “equality” between a people are simply are not equal – with the same Jews behind them, promoting this demonstrably unworkable plan as the only possible solution to the alienation blacks feel in White society.

The blacks instinctively recognize that they are not ever going to fit in, but because there is no realistic alternative presented to them, they view themselves in a continual war with White society, with no real goals, other than to get everything they can and feel good about it.  See the Tweets above.

It is important to remember that things are bad all around in a society wholly controlled by Jews.  At the same time, we cannot fall into the trap of worrying too much about the problems of the blacks while we have our own serious issues to deal with.