16-Year-Old Athlete Dies Suddenly and Mysteriously

There is no possible way to report all of the sudden and mysterious deaths happening. Most of them are never reported by the news in the first place, or they’re dropped quietly in local media.

Western Journal:

A community in New York has come together to support the family of a local high school student who died suddenly Oct. 14.

Jack Aidan Strehl, 16, was a junior at Arlington High School in LaGrangeville, where he was a shot putter and discus thrower on the track and field team.

His cause of death has not been released.

We know it’s mysterious though.

A GoFundMe campaign organized by Jennifer Sullivan had raised more than $74,000 by Friday morning toward funeral expenses and financial expenses associated with the death.

“Sometimes, there are no words,” Sullivan wrote in the fundraising appeal. “Sometimes, our love and support for a family is all we can do during a difficult time.”

“No family should have to pay for a funeral for their child,” she concluded.

Jack’s obituary referred to him as “an all-American boy” with an “everlasting smile.”

It said he earned his black belt in taekwondo in July 2017 when he was only 11, after just five years of training.

“This was a very proud moment for Jack and his family as it taught him respect, humility, perseverance, self control, honesty, concentration, belief, discipline and appreciation. Jack worked hard at applying these principles throughout his life,” the obituary said.

Jack had worked since age 14 on the maintenance crew at the Links at Union Vale and was an avid dirt bike rider.

A scholarship fund is being set up in Jack’s memory at Arlington High School, according to the Daily Voice.

“Donations may be made payable to the Arlington Education Foundation, 144 Todd Hill Road, Lagrangeville, NY 12540. Please reference the Jack Aidan Strehl Scholarship in the memo field.”

This is being reported in the main media because the guy was semi-notable.

We cannot possibly report on all of the cases of people dying suddenly. You can find many of them by searching the term “died suddenly.” Most of them do not make it to main media, because it is irrelevant people. You have to have some sort of notoriety for your death to be notable. At this point, simply dying mysteriously is not notable, as it is happening constantly, all over the world (everywhere the mRNA vax was distributed, though not in China, Russia, or other places where they took a different vax).

Currently, the “died suddenly” tag is taken up by Megyn [sic] Kelly’s sister, who died of a sudden heart attack at 56 (lol).

There was a Twitter account called “Died Suddenly,” but it was banned for “disinformation,” even though all it did was post news stories without comment about people dying suddenly for no reason. Simply pointing out that this mass die-off is happening at all is considered a threat by the government agents who regulate social media.