8chan Says They’re Coming Back as 8kun

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 7, 2019

Early Monday morning, 8chan’s official Twitter posted a video with an “8kun” logo, implying that this was some rebranding of their site which is ready to return.

However, Hotwheels threw some cold water on their plans, saying that they can’t possibly hope to avoid maximal banning by simply changing their name.

We don’t really have much more information than that.

Some other account posted this.

I think it’s fair to assume that it is the current plan of “Gentleman” Jim Watkins to relaunch 8chan as 8kun and hope it all works out.

Hotwheels had himself vaguely implied that they were just going to rebrand when he announced that they wouldn’t be relaunching as 8chan.

Although he also implied it would mainly be for the purpose of posting QAnon material, which no one in my circles cares about anyway.

As a practical matter, any forced rebranding – even if it is just a meaningless partial name change – is a bad omen for freedom of speech on the internet going forward. Shutting down one site means that they’re going to be able to shut down more sites in the future.

But as an even more practical matter, we just want normal 8/pol/ back, we don’t really care what it’s called.

(By the by, did you guys get the thing with the logo?)

(Clever, I suppose.)