Study Finds Teens Who Abstain from Dating Have Better Social Skills and Less Depression

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
September 11, 2019

The price? Your blood.

Turns out teens who don’t have a girlfriend are actually better off than their romanced counterparts.

Study Finds:

In contrast to every movie or television show you’ve ever seen about teenagers in high school, a new study has found that teens who don’t date are happier, less depressed, and more adept at dealing with a variety of social situations.

It’s generally believed that dating is a perfectly healthy part of being a teenager. Forming a romantic connection for the first time can help teens’ grow their self-esteem, mature on an emotional level, and develop important social skills for later on in life. While all of that still holds true, researchers from the University of Georgia say that not dating can be just as, if not more, beneficial for teens.

The research team discovered that teens who had not dated during middle or high school displayed good social skills, low levels of depression, and generally fared equal to or better than their classmates who were dating.

Considering the public and private suffering of the average married man, who could have predicted that exposing young men to the manipulation games of women with significantly better bodies and looks than the average wife wouldn’t be optimal?

This is a shocking development.

“The majority of teens have had some type of romantic experience by 15 to 17 years of age, or middle adolescence,” explains doctoral student and the study’s lead author Brooke Douglas in a release. “This high frequency has led some researchers to suggest that dating during teenage years is a normative behavior. That is, adolescents who have a romantic relationship are therefore considered ‘on time’ in their psychological development.”

“Does this mean that teens that don’t date are maladjusted in some way? That they are social misfits? Few studies had examined the characteristics of youth who do not date during the teenage years, and we decided we wanted to learn more,” Douglas continues.

Surprisingly, the study’s authors discovered that non-dating students had either similar, or better, interpersonal skills than their dating classmates. Furthermore, while self-reported positive relationship scores did not differ between either groups, teachers rated the non-dating students significantly higher than their romance-seeking classmates in terms of social and leadership skills.

Regarding depression, teachers also rated non-dating students as less depressed. Additionally, far fewer abstinent students reported feeling depressed or hopeless regularly than students who were known to date.

Dating during the teenage years is more likely to turn men into women’s puppets because the good judgment of teens is clouded by the novelty of goo holes. They just haven’t strengthened their masculine essence enough to resist the influence of goo.

They’re new to men’s overdrive sex drive mode and haven’t yet mastered the art of controlling it and harnessing its power, so they’re prime targets to get used and abused by girls looking for some fun practice.

In summary, we found that non-dating students are doing well and are simply following a different and healthy developmental trajectory than their dating peers,” says study co-author professor Pamela Orpinas.

Douglas and her team believe that schools should do more to remind students that choosing not to date is just as healthy and normal as dating.

“As public health professionals, we can do a better job of affirming that adolescents do have the individual freedom to choose whether they want to date or not, and that either option is acceptable and healthy,” Douglas concludes.

There is nothing wrong with men who don’t date. There’s nothing unnatural about it.

In fact, not dating is more natural than dating.

The kind of heterosexual interactions common in our society nowadays are far from natural and quite different from what we had throughout most of history. Sterility in the form of effective contraception turned things upside down, for starters. Men spending ridiculous amounts of time in the company of women in order to be “granted” access to their vaginas is a new thing.

Imagine what you could do with all of that time and energy instead.

Having “relationships” with women without producing offspring is a new thing. Men used to put babies inside women and then go back to building, conquering, inventing, and exploring, while checking in from time to time to see if the family was still alive and to appreciate his beautiful kids.

This thing we have now where women can choose what to do is destroying the world.

It’s wasting the time of men — time that could be better spent inventing and discovering stuff — without giving them anything to show for it other than goo. Yet men keep going at it like gardeners planting seeds in sand.

Don’t waste your seeds.

Not having a girlfriend doesn’t mean not having sex, it just means not entertaining women with a “relationship” in order to get it. That said, it wouldn’t be surprising if a new study came out in the near future saying that men choosing not to have sex are better off.

“Incel” may soon become “Into Celibacy.”