A Third of All Student Loan Borrowers Spent Money They Thought Biden Would Forgive

Yeah, I mean – he said he was going to forgive the loans.

Why would you not take free money?

Of course, Brandon is a liar, and he’s not even a real communist.

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In real communism, you are not allowed to be gay – and everyone gets everything for free as rich people are stripped of their wealth.

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The Hill:

More than a third of student loan borrowers spent money they otherwise would not have when they believed a portion of their debt would be forgiven by the Biden administration, according to a new poll.

Most borrowers surveyed by Intellingent.com were confident they would receive some student debt relief as part of the Biden administration’s plan to forgive at least $10,000 for federal borrowers and up to $20,000 for those who received a federal Pell Grant while in school.

The Supreme Court struck down the president’s forgiveness plan at the end of June.

The survey conducted from July 6 to July 10 measured the responses of 977 respondents who qualified for Biden’s student loan forgiveness program

Among borrowers who spent additional money expecting some debt relief, 9 percent spent between $5,000 and $7,501 extra, while another 17 percent spent $5,000 more than they would have had they not expected forgiveness, the poll found.

Borrowers used what they believed would amount to extra money in their pockets on a range of items, though 37 percent said they paid off other debts. Others used the funds on home repairs and rent payments.

About 20 percent of borrowers polled said they spent the money on vacation, while fewer than 10 percent said they spent it on alcohol and drugs or gambling.

Payments are set to resume in October with interest beginning to accrue in September, and more than half of borrowers polled by Intelligent.com said they are not prepared for payments.

Twenty-seven percent said they are at least somewhat likely to refuse to pay the $10,000 they thought would be forgiven.

The Biden administration, following the Supreme Court’s decision, announced it would offer borrowers an on-ramp period, where missed payments would not impact their credit ratings or default status from Oct. 2023 to Sept. 2024.

The administration is implementing new programs that could cover some interest and lower monthly payments.

Why is he even relying on the Supreme Court?

Why doesn’t he pass a law, instead of doing this idiotic executive order that no one with any basic sense thought would stand up in court?

No one gives a shit about these loans. If Ted Cruz wants to go out there and talk about “my fiscals, goyim,” then he can be shouted down as a lump-faced ghoul who wants to send everyone’s tax money to the Jews.

Why won’t the Democrats do an actual bill to end student loan payments?

I even support that, because whatever – I hate all these people.

I get the arguments against it, and in general, I would agree with them on principle, but hey – fuck all these people: universities, banks, the government. Fuck them, completely. Who cares?

Also, on principle: these loans are absolutely predatory, in the same vein as the sub-prime mortgages that led to the 2008 crisis. I guess in some ultimate sense, if someone signs a loan document they have to pay it, but that presupposes that we live in a society with laws.

We do not have laws anymore.

How much money do we give to the Israeli Jews?

How much do we give to the Ukrainian Jews?

By the way – those numbers don’t even begin to tell the whole story.

How about giving some money to Americans, huh?

The Democraps are a real bunch of cocksuckers for not even trying to force through a loan forgiveness bill, and instead acting like “oh, there’s nothing we can do, oh, oho, we’re so sorry, filthy goyim.”