Albanians, the Balkans and Borders

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 12, 2013

The Balkans: It's a mess.
The Balkans: It’s a mess.

Recently, I posted an article about the Albanian mafia in Italy.  In the comments section, a Serbian poster made a comment about Kosovo actually belonging to the Serbs.

In response to this, another commenter, who I believe is Albanian, posted the following comment:

Stupid Serbians kids with their stupid propaganda again. The Albanians had principalities since the 12th century.

The damn Turks didn’t bring them in from Caucasus they are a Paleo Balkan people and it’s proven by their language, culture, and mythology. They share common words only with Romanians who are also Paleo Balkan albeit Latinized people.

As for the muslim conversion it doesn’t really matter, there are maybe only 0.5% of practicing muslims, most are living like Europeans, look here, can you imagine these things going on in ANY muslim country? In Albania they’re pretty cool.

Race seems to have triumphed over religion and other fairy tales.

So don’t act like innocent victims, you have been causing problems since 1912 when you went imperialistic and conquered neighboring territories, in fact you are hated more by people who share your language than other ethnicities.

Just google: Srbe na Vrbe, or the song Jasenovac to see who really hates the Serbs. If you’re really racial then acknowledge that for your neighbors as well and stop spreading propaganda, that people you have a problem with are non-White. What you are propagating is pre-WW1 petty nationalism, not racialism.

In response to this, I give the following commentary.

Yes, I have spent time in Albania, and not only is alcohol flowing, everything has pork in it.  I don’t think degenerate hook-up dance parties are proof of civilization (rather the opposite).  Though at least that video proves that Albanian chicks are hot.  And White.

The fact that Albanians have such similar facial features (mostly only visible in men) proves, to me, that there was very little interbreeding with the Turks.  If they had had an injection of blood from another race, it would have disrupted the intense genetic homogeneity.  And there is too much blonde hair and blue eyes here for the idea that serious mixing with the Turks happened.

I think the conversion to Islam is, however, offensive to many, and understandably so.  It is looked at as a betrayal of Europe.  Because of this, along with the modern criminality of Albanians in Greece and Italy, and the recent Jew-backing of Albanian terrorists against the Slavs, insults are hurled.   Basically, that is all calling you (I assume you are Albanian) ‘mongrels’ amounts to – an insult.

I will note that, having lived in various regions in the Balkans, including Albania, there is a huge difference between the behavior of Albanians in Albania and the diaspora in Greece and Macedonia and elsewhere.  The Greek stereotype of Albanians as criminals is totally warranted.  It is simply a fact that Albanians in Greece run massive criminal operations.  In Macedonia, you are approximately 1000 times more likely to have trouble with an Albanian than a Slav.  This is not to say all of these people are criminals, but there is a very large percentage that are.

However, in Albania itself, I have found Albanians to be very well behaved, kind and hospitable.  I have never had any trouble in Albania, save one fist fight over a perceived slight involving a female (but that, of course, happens everywhere).  So there is a difference.  The solution, obviously, would be to allow all Balkan nations sovereignty.  Albanians are clever people, and if they were assisted in recovery from communism, they would not need to rely on remittances from low-wage manual labor and gangsterism in other countries.

Basically, all of the tribes of the Balkans have been at war with each other for so long, territory changed hands so many times, that it is impossible to ascribe a right to disputed territory.  Thus, I do not think the territorial disputes in the Balkans are ever going to be worked out by Balkan people.  Once we get rid of these Jews, I think we would ideally have an inter-European council determine borders, objectively.  I do not believe the parties would have terrible difficulty coming to agreements, particularly if these involved a removal of foreign ethnics from ethnic states, as that is the main cause of the troubles on the ground.  If existing territory was truly sovereign, the perceived loss of territory would be more acceptable.

First thing is to get all of these filthy Turks and Gypsies out of the Balkans.  If a Western European/American body were to assist with this, they would gain the faith of all the Balkan people, and thus be in a position to assist in the resolution of Balkan border conflicts.

I am certain that these are issues which can be worked through, it is just first necessary to solve the Jewish problem.  I hope that the Balkan people are able to put aside their gripes with each other for the time being, and deal with the common foe.  Speaking from my experience, it feels like many in the region are on the verge of doing just this.

A modern map.
A modern map.