Alexis Declares Bailout Referendum for July 5

Daily Stormer
June 27, 2015

Wait. What.
Wait. What.

This is a fascinating move.

Cowardly in many ways, bold in several other ways.

We are impressed.


Greece’s fraught bailout talks with its creditors took a dramatic turn early today, with the radical left government announcing a referendum in just over a week on the latest proposed deal and urging voters to reject it.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras announced the referendum in a televised address to the nation, following an emergency meeting of his cabinet.

“The Greek government has been asked to accept a proposal that places new unbearable burdens on the Greek people,” Tsipras said.

“Right now, we bear an historic responsibility concerning … the future of our country. And this responsibility obliges us to answer (the bailout creditors’) ultimatum based on the sovereign will of the Greek people.”

The move radically raises the stakes in Greece’s confrontation with its increasingly irate creditors, whom Tsipras accused of demanding new pension cuts, sales tax hikes and labor market reforms.

Worried Greeks have been pulling their money out of banks for months, and an estimated 4 billion euro left Greek banks last week. Long queues were seen forming outside several Athens cash machines and fuel stations yesterday and early today.

They are obviously going to vote “no.” But he has taken the pressure off of himself, and backed himself up with a popular vote, meaning that if the IMF tries to force it they will be… violating democracy or whatever.

Truly, we did not see this coming.