Amazon Employees Protest Company Selling Book Against Mutilating Children

Next time you read about how horribly Amazon treats their employees, remember that most of them actually deserve it.

NBC News:

At least two Amazon employees have resigned in recent weeks to protest the company’s decision to continue to sell a book they say frames young people who identify as transgender as mentally ill.

The resignations come after a complaint posted to the company’s internal message board in April drew the support of over 467 Amazon corporate employees, according to a copy obtained by NBC News. As of last year, the company employed over 1.3 million people worldwide and is the second-largest employer in the U.S.

The complaint by workers points to a decision Amazon shared with Republican senators in March that claims it had “chosen not to sell books that frame LGBTQ+ identity as a mental illness.”

The employee-led petition calls for the removal of the book “Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters,” by Abigail Shrier. In it, Shrier explores what she calls a “trans epidemic” of young girls identifying as transgender. The book is currently listed as the first, second and third bestsellers — for the hardcover, softcover and Kindle editions — in Amazon’s category of “LGBTQ+ Demographic Studies.”

While Shrier denies that her book frames LGBTQ identities as a form of mental illness, employees at Amazon pointed to a passage where Shrier writes, “Many of the adolescent girls suddenly identifying as transgender seemed to be caught in a ‘craze’ — a cultural enthusiasm that spreads like a virus.” Shrier goes on to define craze as a “crowd mental illness.” Elsewhere in the book, Shrier likens therapists who affirm the gender of transgender patients with affirming a young person’s anorexia by agreeing that they are fat. “We wouldn’t think such a therapist was compassionate. We might think she was a monster,” Shrier writes.

One of the employees who resigned over Amazon’s decision to continue to sell the book, Selene Xenia, a software engineer who identifies as trans and worked at Amazon for seven years, said she left in June after learning the company would still carry the title. She was happier with a decision Amazon made several months before to stop carrying another book, “When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment,” because of its framing of transgender identity as a form of mental illness. But she says this latest move by Amazon to continue to sell “Irreversible Damage” went too far.

“The book literally has[craze] in the title and considers being transgender a mental illness in many senses throughout the book,” Xenia said.

“I found it extremely hypocritical for Amazon to say that it would stock this book and not another similar one,” Xenia said. “It looks like Amazon had to remove that particular book for PR reasons, not because they felt morally obligated to.”

Shrier said in a statement: “This issue won’t go away just because some disgruntled Amazon employees wish it would. And banning the book won’t help these girls or anyone else.”

She added, “My book goes out of its way to honor the experiences of transgender adults, never disparages them, and never implies that the trans identity is a mental illness.”

How could anyone think this guy’s crazy?

Shrier has had these people coming down on her for a while now. The book was pulled from Target last year, and then reinstated.

It has to be noted that Shrier is Jewish. Jews always try to get on every side of every issue. I’ve also pointed out that while I agree with most of what she says, she is also turning people against trannies leftward, in the same way that Sean Hannity is – by saying this is some kind of “choice” for adults.

There is no reason that anyone has to accept that this is something adults should be allowed to do, and most people wouldn’t accept that, if they were given the option of not accepting that. There is nothing in our Constitution that says homosexuality has to be allowed. Thomas Jefferson supported the death penalty for homosexuality.

Maybe modern Americans wouldn’t support the death penalty, but most normal people would support say, allowing businesses to refuse service to trannies.

What the Jews and the Jewish media do is give you two sides of an argument, and people just instinctively choose one or the other. So, naturally, conservatives will choose “trannies are okay but just not children” over “we need to indoctrinate children into becoming trannies.” Then if you say to them “why should we tolerate trannies at all?”, they will look at you in confusion. The debate was presented as “we all love trannies, but we’re just debating whether or not we want to convert children into trannies.”

Sean Hannity is really the master of reframing every discussion to “yes, we basically agree with Democrats on every single issue, we just have this one small point of contention.”