Americanism is Anti-Freedom, And They Should Really Just Leave the Africans Alone

Why are US-backed troops involved in so many wars in Africa?

These same people are constantly telling us how much black lives matter.

What is the purpose of killing all these Africans? Who is benefiting from this behavior?


Mali has called on the United Nations to end its decade-long peacekeeping mission “without delay,” saying the international military force has only fueled tensions and instability in the African country.

Addressing the UN Security Council on Friday, Malian Foreign Minister Abdoulaye Diop said officials are willing to continue coordination with the UN, but demanded an end to its “stabilization mission.” The UN force, known as MINUSMA, was deployed in 2013 in response to the Tuareg rebellion in the northern part of the country.

“Unfortunately, MINUSMA seems to have become a part of the problem in fueling inter-community tensions,” Diop said, calling for the withdrawal of UN troops.

The minister accused UN forces of “begetting mistrust among the Malian population” and creating a “crisis of confidence” within the government.

MINUSMA head El Ghassim Wane responded by saying that it would be “nearly impossible” to continue the UN mission without the consent of the host country. The UN has until June 30 to extend the deployment, which requires nine votes in favor from the Security Council and no vetoes from its five permanent members.

It would be one thing if the US and their allies had done something good with their militaries, even once, since the turn of the 20th century. But they have not.

Basically, this is the thing: the US is an island. As such, they do not really have a need for a military of any serious scale, because there simply are no threats.

The reason the US has such a large military, and supports all of these other super-national militaries – both NATO and the UN “peacekeeper” forces are virtually entirely funded by the US – is because they are trying to control the world.

It’s possible to argue that “Pax Americana” (“The American Peace”) was a thing, in some sense. That is, as long as you are not Asian, Islamic, African, Hispanic, or a nation in the former Yugoslavia, and as long as you are only talking about the period after World War II, you have experienced peace under the American empire.

More specifically, you have experienced a lack of war. I’m not sure “peace” accurately describes the American cultural project that has been enforced, with increasing aggression, throughout the “international community.”

I post this a lot because it is very important.

Under Pax Americana, the Americans have forcibly Americanized all of their allied nations. This was a program run by the Jews, who created “Americanism” in the first place, but it was appealing to people who wanted to make money and people who wanted to standardize government and culture.

America created the “democracy” extravaganza. That is what “democracy” actually means: it means Americanism. I often say it means gay anal, and that is also true because gay anal has become in recent decades the defining characteristic of Americanism.

If you look at the Freedom House map of democracy, for example, you see a 1-1 overlap between “freedom” and “American influence.” This is because what they are actually ranking is American influence. According to this map, it is impossible to have freedom unless you are allied with the United States.

As someone who has been in more than half of the countries in the world, I can say that I’ve never seen a connection between Americanism/Democracy and personal freedom. In fact, I have seen the precise opposite – people have much more personal freedom in countries that do not have American influence.

Just a few examples of things that are much easier to do in purple countries than in green countries:

  • Live day-to-day life without being targeted by the police
  • Start a small business
  • Marry and have children in peace

Those are representative of the “three core forms of freedom” that I have outlined before: legal freedom, economic freedom, and family freedom.

Some of these things are contentious. The US claims that no-fault divorce and the family court system, for example, spreads freedom by giving women the freedom to destroy a marriage. However, this completely and totally undermines and really destroys the ability of people to form families.

With other things, it is much more cut and dry. For example, in China, any individual can start a small business. In America, anyone who tries to start a small business is totally crushed with regulation and taxes. Therefore, there is no way to claim there is more economic freedom in America than in China, unless you argue that it is an infringement of economic freedom that massive international corporations are more regulated in China. If you take that line, however, you are no longer talking about personal freedom, but corporate freedom, which is a weird abstraction that does not affect normal people’s day-to-day lives.

To add insult to injury, Freedom House has added a special “internet freedom” map, which claims that the United States has a free internet, while China and Russia do not.

It is true that there is internet censorship in China and Russia, but it is nothing remotely on the scale of the censorship in the United States and Europe. It is actually ridiculous to even make the comparison. This is a place where I obviously have a lot of personal experience, and I am totally blocked from using any US-based internet service. I already knew that this was too coordinated to not be organized through federal agencies, but we have now seen, in the Twitter Files, that indeed the government is definitely the one organizing the censorship. A few months back, I was kicked off of my last US-based service (which was run by a Chinese guy, by the way), and it was clear it was the result of some kind of government intimidation.

Meanwhile, on the Chinese internet, you can pretty much say whatever you want if you are a Chinese national stating a personal opinion. The censorship, aside from targeting pornography, primarily only targets sources outside of China, which, quite frankly, are all purposed to manipulate Chinese society for the purposes of Americanism. Consider that there is a Mandarin version of the New York Times, as an example.

China has suppressed some locals, including feminists and gays, but they have done so under the premise that they are spreading foreign ideology. Ultimately, you can say that both the US and China suppress internet speech that they view as anti-social, with the US suppressing anti-gay and anti-feminism speech, and China doing the reverse. However, even then, you have the fact that the US is much more extreme in suppressing that kind of speech than China is. It is a complicated legal process to get someone banned in China.

A couple years ago, a bunch of feminists were banned from social media after incels mass-reported them. However, they reemerged, and many of them have not been banned again. You can compare that to the banning of Nick Fuentes on Twitter. For a while, Nick was making new accounts every day and getting banned within hours.

What is startling is how moronic the Americanist “democracy freedom” narrative is. In this narrative, the US is purely good all the time, no matter how much what they are promoting changes, while everyone who opposes them is purely evil. For example, the child tranny agenda is very new. The US was not promoting this during the Obama years – it came in as part of a wave of extremist opposition to Donald Trump, fueled by money that had previously been allocated for the fight for so-called “anal marriage.” Now, it is not up for debate, and anyone who questions it is evil.

The US is forcing this child tranny agenda down the throats of the American people and all of the members of the “international community.” In order to believe in this “democracy freedom” narrative, you have to not only believe that the US is so purely good that it is constantly discovering more ways to become even more good, but that also, every other nation aligned with (read: controlled by) the US is discovering these new ways to be good at the exact same time.

What is shocking is that conservative Americans continue to go along with the narrative of the US as good, even while they are seeing the US government force things like child trannies down their throats. Republicans have finally backed off of support for the Ukraine war, for the most part, and some of them will even say that this is a war to force gay sex on Russia. However, they support war with the Chinese, despite the fact that China is another country defined by its prominent lack of rainbow flags.

And then you have this:

Seriously: what is that? 

In my opinion, the US is actually evil, whereas other nations are simply nations. The US is the only one pushing an agenda on other people.

Maybe the word “evil” is silly to use in a political context, but when you see what homosexuals actually to do one another, when you see what these “trans” drugs and operations actually are, you are talking about something that transcends politics.

The US could easily be the most powerful country in the world by leaving people alone. We are not benefitting economically from random wars in Africa that no one even knows are going on, yet the US government is obsessed with doing these random wars in Africa. The US inserts itself everywhere. They are currently also working some kind of angle for war in Burma, using both the United Nations and various terrorist groups.

Democracy is a totalitarian ideology, which seeks to control the intimate details of the lives of everyone on the entire earth.

Surely, the people cannot be so suppressed for so long. Surely, sometime soon, the people will demand freedom.