Anal Empire Jive Turkey Admits Overthrowing Governments is Uncle Sam’s “Core Values”

Matt Gaetz slapped this jive turkey around like a field slave!

That boy left the Congress with an urge to go pick some cotton…!


General Michael Langley, the head of US AFRICOM, appeared to admit that the Pentagon’s “core values,” instilled into tens of thousands of African military officers, are compatible with staging coups as he was grilled during a House Armed Services Committee hearing by Republican Matt Gaetz (Florida) on Thursday.

Initially unable to provide a “ballpark” figure for how many US-trained African officers have gone on to stage coups, Langley claimed it was “less than one percent,” crediting the Pentagon’s International Military Education and Training program, which stresses civilian governance and representative democracy.

Gaetz, citing an Intercept article revealing US-trained officers had staged at least eight successful coups in West Africa alone since 2008, asked whether the ‘core values’ instilled in that curriculum were compatible with program graduate Col. Mamady Doumbouya, who overthrew the Guinean government while his unit was in training with US Green Berets in September 2021.

Langley answered in the affirmative, insisting the “core values” of “respect for civilian governance, apolitical” were “what sticks across a very high percentage” of trainees.

“How many governments have to be overthrown by people we train before you sort of get the message that our core values might not be sticking with everyone?” Gaetz asked, questioning why US tax dollars should be spent training African military officers to overthrow their governments. “I think we should at least know how many countries we train the coup plotters in,” he said.

This is obviously no big reveal.

The US funds revolutionary terrorists around the world to overthrow governments.


  • Violent overthrow of elected government in the Ukraine
  • Terrorist uprising in Hong Kong
  • Terrorist “protests” in Belarus
  • Terroristic activities in Burma and Thailand
  • Terrorist uprising (vaginal) in Iran
  • Terrorist riots in Georgia

And before that, you had the Arab Spring, which was the first big cellphone/social media uprising by CIA/NED.

There is no country on earth that does not have a group of radicals funded by the US government, prepared to rise up when the time is right.

The thinking is: why invade a country to depose the leadership when you can get the leaders’ own peasants to do it for you, using a bit of tried-and-tested psychological manipulation?

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The United States is a cancer on the earth.

No one in the world is safe from these people, and they simply will not leave anyone alone. The Americans want to come into your country and force you to have anal sex with men – including fisting and even double fisting.

Of course, they will support Islamic terrorists in the Arab world or evangelical cultists in China, as long as they are opposed to the current government, but ultimately they want to move in the gay sex.

One Nation World, Under Anus

Look at the map: no country that is not aligned with the US is flying the anal flag. Every country that is aligned with the US is flying that flag.

For the Poles, this is a small price to pay for revenge on Russia

The first thing the US did when they took over the Ukraine was start throwing gay anal “pride” parades…!

There are of course strategic reasons for this. The people planning the policy don’t say “we’re doing this for Satan.” The short explanation for the strategy is that they want to integrate these countries into the American system of “values” in order that these countries will first be loyal to Creepy Uncle Sam, and then simply dissolve completely into the mixed multitude of the empire (i.e., lose all national, cultural, religious identity and serve only democracy).

No one who believes in gay sex believes in anything else. Period. It is a totalitarian ideology, in that it is simply not compatible with any other tradition or mode of thought. From Christianity to communism, no belief system is capable of lining up with the celebration of homosexuality. By design, this eliminates everything from a person’s life, all forms of meaning, all morality, all values and leaves them with only submission to the empire.

You cannot even have an interesting conversation with someone who believes in gay sex. They have nothing going on other than looking for money and sex and consuming corporate entertainment products. They are hollowed-out shells, and this is by design.

Perhaps more importantly, the anal agenda is a loyalty test for these nations, and a sign of submission.

No one anywhere on earth was celebrating gay anal sex a couple decades ago. The word “gay” didn’t exist in this context, and homosexuals were universally regarded as mentally ill. The US normalized gay anal, and then started promoting it as a positive good, then went around the world forcing others to promote it.

The US now sanctions countries that don’t have enough gay sex. Part of the split with Saudi Arabia – and this is real – stemmed from the fact that the US government kept sending people to lecture them on how they needed to start having gay sex with each other.

It’s fundamentally different than say, women’s rights. I obviously disagree with both, and in practical terms, women’s rights were more damaging, But since technology took over domestic life, women have become more involved in public life without anyone promoting anything, so the core concept of women’s rights is at least something that people have thought about on some level, and in theory (though not in practice), women can have expanded roles in the modern world and this does not necessarily, in itself, undermine traditional systems of belief (even Iran allows women in university). But imagine being in Africa and these Americans come to you and say “we’re going to need you to start licking and fisting each other’s assholes – or else.”

This isn’t something where you reach a common ground. It’s an either/or proposition. You don’t say “okay we’ll allow licking but strictly no fisting.” It’s also not something that maybe could make some sense in the way that having expanded roles for women could make some sense (in theory). This is foreigners coming to your country and demanding that you throw out all of your sacred beliefs, morals, and values, because they told you to do so. You either do it, or you don’t. If you do it, you have prostrated yourself in total, abandoning everything about your identity in service of Creepy Uncle Sam.

It would be strange and confusing if the countries allied with the US all flew the US flag (although their terrorists often do wave that flag – see Hong Kong, Georgia, etc.). Flying a flag of a foreign nation implies that you are being militarily occupied by that country, and though this is the case in Germany, Japan, and Korea, it’s not the case across the empire. Instead, they fly a flag that says their souls are dominated by the US government. The rainbow flag shows that they don’t need to be physically occupied, because they have agreed to submit to the most disgusting of all behaviors: gay anal, a sin that cries out to Heaven for vengeance.

The countries that do not fly the rainbow flag are countries that have decided to keep their identity, their heritage, their morality, their religion. The ones that fly the rainbow have put their souls on a platter, offering them up for whatever the US wants to do with them.