Argentina Passes Law to Reserve 1% of All Government Jobs for Trannies

I guess this settles the question of whether Argentinians really are white or not.

Only white people do stuff this dumb.

Life Site News:

Argentina has approved a law reserving one percent of government jobs for transgenders.

Argentina’s Senate passed the law last Thursday, after the country’s lower chamber also endorsed it last month. 55 senators voted for the legislation, one voted against it, and six abstained, MercoPress reported.

“It is established that, in the national public sector, personnel positions must be occupied by a proportion of not less than one percent of all of them by transvestites, transsexuals and transgender people who meet the conditions of suitability for the position,” the law reads.

Thursday’s vote gave final approval for the hiring quota, which was originally introduced as a presidential decree, but needed backing from Congress to become law, according to the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

The measure applies to federal and local agencies, public companies, and other state-run institutions, including banks and hospitals. Private corporations will also be given incentives through the law to provide jobs for transgenders.

A “minor criminal record” or lack of education will not constitute grounds for not hiring transgender individuals under the new law, Thomson Reuters Foundation said. Argentine studies have found that up to 95% of transgenders in Argentina are prostitutes and less than 40 percent have completed their education.

As the American College of Pediatricians has noted, research has shown that extreme health and life disparities among transgender people are observed even in pro-LGBT countries, indicating that the differences are “due to underlying trauma that also induced transgender belief.”

Seven Argentine provinces have already enacted transgender hiring quotas, according to MercoPress, as has Uruguay, which in 2018 began similarly reserving one percent of public sector jobs for transgenders.

There is no form of logic that leads to transgenderism as a rational worldview.

To this day, no one that I’m aware of has even tried to explain the metaphysical process through which a person gets trapped in the wrong body. According to the materialist atheism that existed as the ruling doctrine in the West up until last Thursday, transgenderism is impossible, because there is no difference between who a person is and their body.

There is literally no explanation, at all, for why this is happening.

And yet, it is happening everywhere – including South America.

What that tells you is that this is a very important agenda that comes straight from the top.

What is the point?

Well, probably, it is a plan to blur the lines of gender in order to create a future peasant that has no gender at all – it will be completely non-sexual and sterile, and exist simply to be a slave to the ruling elite.