Arizona: School District Calls the FBI After Parents Oppose Trannification

Is it a federal crime to oppose your child being turned into a tranny?

No one can say for sure.

What we can say is that Joe Biden and other federal officials talk as though this is a federal crime, and the people doing the trannification believe it is a federal crime and will call the federal authorities if you complain about it.

Daily Caller:

Catalina Foothills School District (CFSD) filed a report with the FBI after receiving backlash from families about a policy allowing transgender students to use whatever bathroom or locker room they prefer, according to a statement given to the Daily Caller News Foundation from a CFSD spokesperson.

CFSD, located in Tucson, Arizona, has been at odds with parents for months after it was revealed that the district had an “unwritten policy” allowing students who identified as transgender to use the locker room or bathroom of their preference, while students who are uncomfortable with the policy are forced to request to use separate facilities. The district was set to have a meeting on April 25 but canceled it due to concerns about alleged “threats” to the board, according to a Facebook post from the CFSD account.

An incident report, obtained by the DCNF, was filed with the Pima County Sheriff’s Office on April 25 by a local attorney and CFSD parent who was concerned about a comment made in a Facebook group, CFSD Concerned Citizens, regarding the upcoming board meeting. The comment read, “They’re all ready and planning! They canceled the awards for seniors!! Stay Strong! And let’s come in hot,” according to a screenshot obtained by the DCNF.

So, “come in hot” is taken to be a reference to violence or guns.

I guess maybe that term was used in the film “Bad Boys” featuring Martin Lawrence and Will Smith.

The woman said she “was concerned they were going to have firearms” and the incident report goes on to explain that the department had already planned on monitoring the event with several “off-duty officers,” but was later told that they were not needed after the board meeting was canceled.

Julie Farbarik, director of Alumni & Community Relations for CFSD, told the DCNF the district got in touch with the FBI after “multiple” threats.

Julie Farbarik

“The April 25 meeting was canceled due to multiple threats and acts of intimidation,” Farbarik said. “A local group is promoting the false narrative that one online posting prompted the cancellation. We not only sought the help of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department about how to handle the situation but also made a report to the F.B.I.”

Farbarik declined to explain if the Facebook comment was one of the threats reported to the FBI, saying that “we are not disclosing publicly any details about the threats and acts of intimidation.” An FBI spokesperson told the DCNF that “as a matter of policy, the FBI does not confirm or deny the existence of investigations.”

The meeting was later rescheduled for April 28 via live stream, but according to Dan Grossenbach, a parent of a student at Catalina Foothills High School and the founder of the CFSD Concerned Citizens, parents were not notified that the meeting had been rescheduled nor that the district had filed an FBI report.

Farbarik told the DCNF that parents were informed of the new meeting time but did not explain how they were told. She also said that the April 28 agenda did not have a public comments section since it “is not legally required because the Board needed to take care of the district’s business that was interrupted due to the cancellation of the April 25 meeting.”

Another meeting is scheduled for Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. but will only be live-streamed on YouTube. Grossenbach told the DCNF that his group is hosting a “pizza party outside the locked doors to show how silly this all is.”

Bart Pemberton, another parent of a student in the district, gave the DCNF a copy of the remarks he plans to make during the meeting, if allowed.

“We are all here tonight because we love our children, especially those of us who have school-aged children,” Pemberton wrote. “Whenever a significant policy decision is made without widespread knowledge and consent, and when that decision will not be discussed in a public forum by those who have implemented the policy, it can lead to confusion, consternation, and mistrust. Part of the way to alleviate the current contentious atmosphere would be for all of us to remember that we are all here because we love our children. Finally, we can do our best to discuss the pressing issues facing our schools in a professional and loving manner in the proper public forum of a school board meeting.”

The school board stuff is actually boring to me at this point.

Everyone knows the schools are doing this, everyone knows that no one has been successful in stopping them (at least not long-term), and everyone knows that the Biden Administration is preparing federal action to make it impossible to complain about trannies.

Arizona is a conservative state. It doesn’t even matter. They are doing this everywhere.

Basically, you need to either accept homeschooling as a solution, or leave the country.

You’re supposed to choose your battles wisely. Part of the Christian concept of a “just war” is a reasonable possibility of victory. There is no way you are going to win against the school tranny program. You have no reasonable possibility of victory. There is a reasonable possibility you will have your life destroyed and have your kids taken from you by the government.