Australia: School Apologizes for Teaching 9th Grade Girls About Bestiality During Anal Lesson

This lesson is about anal, okay?

It’s not a damn animal sex lesson.

Animal sex is still against our values, maybe. At least for another few months or so.

Human Events:

A high school in Australia is under investigation by the South Australia Department for Education after it hosted an unsupervised presentation for young girls that explicitly explained bestiality as part of a sex ed lesson about LGBTQ+.

Renmark High School’s principal, Mat Evans, issued a letter of apology to parents who heard that their children left in disgust during the session on March 22 given by a third-party presenter and put on by Headspace Berri.

The apology read that the school was “taking this matter very seriously” and had “raised concerns” with the speaker from Headspace located in Berri who has been suspended from operating in government schools while the Education Department investigates, per The Advertiser.

Headspace is a foundation that allegedly takes care of young people’s mental health

Evans also stated the school had launched an internal review due to the normal procedure of “notifying parents of specific presentations was not followed.”

“I apologise unreservedly for that,” he said in the letter sent on March 25.

“I acknowledge that some of the students felt uncomfortable with this content, and there have been a number of complaints from parents,” he said.

He said that the internal review would “ensure that processes around such notifications, and procedures with regard to third parties attending at our school are always met in future.”

Horrified parents learned that their daughters in year 9 at the school had been pulled from their regular lessons and placed in a separate classroom with the Headspace Berri facilitators and the speaker without the supervision of a teacher. They had not been notified of the presentation or had consented to it.

“We had a teacher that told us to grab a chair and sit in front of the board, and then the Headspace people came in and then [the teacher] left, so then we’re sitting in front of a board alone with no teachers, just the Headspace people,” 14-year-old student Courtney White said, according to Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

The title slide of the presentation read “You can see queerly now. Now point in hiding.”

14-year-old Emelia Wunderberg said all the girls felt extremely “uncomfortable” as the presenter went into graphic detail about their sexuality and then showed a slide about what each component in “LGBTQIA+” meant.

“There was a slide for what the ‘plus’ means, and they just started randomly saying words that no-one knew, like bestiality,” Emelia said. “They said [the queer community] just accepts all of it, even though … isn’t it illegal?”

“We’re all just sitting there like, ‘What the hell? What are we doing here? Why are we learning about animals having sex with humans?'” she said.

“It was really disgusting, it was really uncomfortable.”

I’m sure the conservatives who have spent years trying to normalize homosexuality are really shocked to hear that “the queer community” has sex with animals.

No one else is surprised to hear that.

But do you people remember how crazy this shit got in like, 2018? When the conservatives were all saying “we, the conservatives, will protect gays from Islamic radicals”?

You still have remnants of it, in the form of proud Jewish homosexual Dave Rubin still being a popular conservative commentator. He’ll go out there and say “only the radical homosexuals want to sodomize little kids, most of us just want men over the age of 18.”

I guarantee he’s going to do a presentation tonight on his Rumble show about how “only radical homosexuals have sex with animals.”

But this is all actually very normal for all homosexuals, and what Christians have been warning about from the beginning: it’s not actually like Will & Grace. Homosexuals are all deeply depraved, twisted sickos.

If the fact that the Australian government accidentally hired bestiality people to teach 9th graders doesn’t prove the point, there is nothing that will prove the point.

What kind of pervert sends his kids to school these days?