NYC Jewish Principal Says She was Fired Because Parents Hate Israel

Esther Shali-Ogli

Bitch, everyone hates Israel.

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Everyone knows that shit about Angel Face getting decapitated with a shovel was fake.

New York Post:

A veteran principal abruptly booted from her Williamsburg school says she was targeted for her open support for Israel.

Esther Shali-Ogli, who has led Juan Morel Campos Secondary School for seven years, was abruptly removed last month after Superintendent David Cintron claimed she failed to inform him of an aide’s arrest — an accusation she calls “a lie.”

They hate me,” said Shali-Ogli, one of two Jewish principals in school District 14, where a rogue, parent-run Community Education Council promoted a citywide student walkout to support Palestine in November at the start of the Israel-Hamas war, and is accused of muzzling dissident voices.

I feel I’m being targeted because I’m a Jewish woman in a district which is all about supporting Palestine,” she said.

Shali-Ogli, 58, unabashedly cheers the Jewish State — hanging an Israeli flag on her office door and plastering her car with bumper stickers with slogans like “Bless Israel” and “Damn Hamas” in Hebrew.

“I’m not included in anything,” she said. “I can’t go to the CEC or district leadership meetings where they’re espousing annihilation of the Jewish state, and the superintendent has not addressed the hateful speech. As a Department of Education employee I’m supposed to remain neutral and sit there quietly.”

No one is allowed to say “Bless Hamas” and “Damn Israel.”

Why do these Jews still think they have all these special rights?

How do they still fail to realize what is happening?

Maybe they like what is happening?

Maybe they want to be hated, in order to bring their tribe together?

Maybe it’s all subconscious, but it seems like the only possible explanation.