Andrew Anglin

US States Can’t Stop “Syrian Refugees”

The New Observer November 19, 2015 Individual US state governors who seek to block the resettlement of “Syrian refugees” are engaging in an elaborate hoax as they must be aware that they have no power at all to stop the process, a leading constitutional lawyer has said. The lawyer, who wished to remain anonymous to protect himself against leftist retaliation, …

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LOLtimore: 300th Homicide This Year, Blacks Remain Free

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer November 15, 2015 Earlier this year, the city of Baltimore began prosecuting police officers for arresting Blacks. The thinking was that because of slavery, Black people should not ever be arrested for anything. The logic seemed perfectly reasonable: with all Blacks have already suffered 200 years ago in slavery, why should they have to be further …

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Valls Says France Must Remain Open to Illegal Moslem Immigrants

Steve Goode White Genocide Project November 15, 2015 French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has been on Twitter calling for France to keep its borders open to all the African and Arabic illegal immigrants crossing into Europe. Je comprends que les Français puissent avoir peur, mais nous devons être forts et faire face avec nos valeurs. — Manuel Valls (@manuelvalls) November …

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