Baseball Legend Dies After Receiving Coronavirus Vaccine

Conspiracy theorists are spreading the false coincidence that baseball legend Hank Aaron died from the coronavirus vaccine.

In fact, Hank Aaron died because he was old and black. His death was not related to the vaccine, according to science.

Science has shown that the experimental vaccine, which uses synthetic mRNA to instruct your cells to produce a protein that mimics proteins produced by the virus, cannot ever cause a negative outcome.

However, the conspiracy theorist Robert F. Kennedy Jr., son of the famous Robert F. Kennedy, claims that his father’s teammate died from the vaccine.

It is ironic that Kennedy believes in debunked and baseless theories such as “not all vaccines are 100% safe,” given that his own father was – by coincidence – killed by a Palestinian member of a freemasonic cult who was under hypnotism.

Kennedy met with the evil anti-Israel killer himself, then claimed that he didn’t commit the murder, or only did it because he was hypnotized.

With his own family having been victim of so many false and debunked coincidences, you’d think he’d know better than to endorse a debunked coincidence like “vaccines could potentially be unsafe.”

It is a shock that Kennedy is allowed to speak on Twitter about such coincidences.

However, it is not a shock when you realize that the white supremacist leader Tariq Nasheed is also allowed to operate on the virtually unmoderated free speech platform known as

Using the anti-Semitic thinking emoji, Nasheed has also spewed false coincidences about Aaron’s death, which are not supported by facts and have been debunked by experts.

The unabashed supremacist Nasheed also cited false anti-Semitic conspiracies, using the anti-Semitic dog-whistle of “orchestrated PR” to suggest Jews were responsible for Aaron receiving the deadly vaccine.

The Administration of Joe Biden, who is white, has continually refused to take action to shut down these false theories.

Biden’s continued refusal to take action comes amidst continued demands by leading expert and honest gentleman Dr. Anthony Fauci to silence everyone who questions him.

Over 400,000 people that no one has ever met have been confirmed to have died from the deadly virus. These deaths could have been prevented by the deadly coronavirus vaccine, if the Biden Administration had been willing to silence these ridiculous theories.

Darryl Strawberry died because he had a bad heart from all that cocaine. It had nothing to do with the deadly coronavirus vaccine, which science has shown is totally safe.

We have to protect our democracy from these theories if we want to come together and save lives.