Bastion of Diversity: Boeing Investigated for Using Fake Titanium in Crucial Airplane Organs

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New York Post:

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating whether false or incorrect documents were used to verify the authenticity of titanium used in some recently manufactured Boeing jets, the agency said.

The New York Times, which first reported the issue on Friday, said the FAA is also investigating the authenticity of titanium used in some Airbus jets.

Aircraft manufacturers are facing strong demand for new planes due to a surge in post-pandemic travel. However, supply-chain problems and component shortages are limiting their ability to meet this demand.

Titanium, an important component in the aerospace supply chain, is used to make landing gear, blades and turbine discs for aircraft.

The investigation comes after a parts supplier found small holes in the material from corrosion, the Times report added.

The FAA said Boeing reported a voluntary disclosure “regarding procurement of material through a distributor who may have falsified or provided incorrect records.”

The agency added, “Boeing issued a bulletin outlining ways suppliers should remain alert to the potential of falsified records.”


Did they purchase the fake titanium from a Nigerian prince?

What does this even mean?

How could the engineers not tell it was real titanium? Like, doesn’t it have to be melted down in a forge or some kind to be shaped into airplane parts? How could whoever is doing that not notice it was fake titanium?

It has to have been an official decision by a high level Boeing executive to use fake titanium. It cannot be the seller’s fault, even if they did buy it from an email they got from an African scammer.

What sort of company functions like this?

“Bitch if we be all outta titanium, use some other hard shit in that flyer.” -William E. Boeing