Before and After Satellite Images of Gaza Show Extent of Jewish War Crimes, Almost Half of Houses Destroyed

A Beit Hanoun neighborhood in the north of Gaza

Do you think these people are compatible with the global order?

In normal society, if someone blows up their neighbor’s house, they go to prison.

Why are Jews allowed to just blow up everyone’s houses?

Because of the Holocaust?

Even if you believed in the Holocaust, how would that make sense?

Germany was defeated in World War II, and their government (as it was) surrendered. They are currently occupied by the United States Military. There are no Germans in Gaza.

If you live in Germany, and a man kills your auntie and uncle, do you have a right to go to the Middle East and murder people with impunity?

What is the logic here? 

The Guardian:

Newly released satellite images reveal how cities and towns in Gaza have been destroyed by almost three weeks of Israeli bombardments on the besieged enclave.

Apartment buildings are crumpled and entire neighbourhoods lie in ruins, in pictures taken before and after Israeli airstrikes and provided by Maxar Technologies and Planet Labs.

A Beit Hanoun neighborhood, close to the border with northern Israel

With airstrikes continuing almost around the clock, the full extent of the damage remains unknown. Images of the Al Karameh neighbourhood north of Gaza City show the rubble of a number of residential buildings.

The UN has said that 42% of all housing units have been rendered uninhabitable in the past three weeks, with thousands more subject to moderate damage.

The destruction has increased the number of displaced people in Gaza, with the UN and Palestinian Red Crescent estimating that between 400,000 and a million Palestinians are now homeless.

More photos:

The Al Karameh neighborhood in Gaza

The Al-Atatra area of Beit Lahiya in northern Gaza

The Al-Zahra neighbourhood, south of Gaza City

Imagine if Russia did this to the Ukraine.

Yes, it is a war. Hamas attacked Israel. But that was an attack in a war that has been going on for 80 years, and was started by Israel.

The “Ukraine” is supposedly the underdog, like Palestine is the underdog – in reality, the Ukraine isn’t the underdog and Palestine actually is, but the narrative is that they both are underdogs. In the narrative, Russia is trying to do the same thing as Israel: take land (except it’s not the same, because Israel expels the people who live on the land, while the people who live in East Ukraine want to be a part of Russia – not even the narrative denies that). So: imagine if, in response to one of the Ukrainian attacks on Russia that killed civilians (there have been many), Russia responded by closing the Ukrainian borders, starving everyone, refusing to even give them water, and destroying half of the houses in the Ukraine with bombs, killing thousands of children while the world watched.

What would be the global reaction to that?

Can you imagine Russia ever doing something like that? Can you imagine Russia’s allies defending it? Think about it, play the scenario in your head: can you imagine China going to the UN and vetoing the ability of starving Ukraine children to get fed? Everyone wants to talk about China, but think it through: would China veto food to starving children in the Ukraine?

Can you imagine anyone on the earth other than the Jews doing these things?

You can’t imagine it, because it is unimaginable. No one else on earth, other than the Jews, would do something like this, and no nation other than one controlled by the Jews would ever defend this.

What the Jews are doing is simply beyond the pale, and it is intolerable.


This cannot be tolerated.

This goes beyond a violation of civilizational norms: pre-civilized peoples would not engage in this type of behavior that the Jews are engaged in.

The Jews are a blight.

They are a blight upon the face of the earth, and they simply cannot be tolerated.

Seriously: are there any examples in all of history of non-Jews doing anything you can even compare to this?

It’s an honest question. I think the closest you would come to a comparison is the Rwanda civil war. There are maybe other examples among black people, but I can’t think of them. None of the Somalian wars have been this extreme.

In the Rwanda example: no one in the world defended the genocide.

America being totally controlled by the Jews and defending these acts by Israel is really a whole lot more heinous than the Jews doing the acts in the first place, and the only explanation for America defending this is that America is controlled by Zionist Jews. There is no other reason anyone would ever defend these acts by the Jews.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.