Bibi: Israel Deploying More Forces to Lebanon Border in Preparation for the Showdown

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You might want to see if there’s a website that lets you bet on when Israel is going to invade Lebanon and whether or not the US will be involved in a hot war with Iran by the time of the presidential election.

I’d be betting stuff like “basically, pretty soon,” and “probably, yeah.”


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that the phase of intense fighting against Hamas in the Gaza Strip was coming to an end but that the war would not end until the Islamist group no longer controls the Palestinian enclave.

Once the intense fighting is over in Gaza, Netanyahu said, Israel will be able to deploy more forces along the northern border with Lebanon, where fighting with Iran-backed Hezbollah has escalated .

After the intense phase is finished, we will have the possibility to move part of the forces north. And we will do this. First and foremost for defensive purposes. And secondly, to bring our (evacuated) residents home,” Netanyahu said in an interview with Israel’s Channel 14.

“If we can we will do this diplomatically. If not, we will do it another way. But we will bring (the residents) home,” he said.

(He’s referring to the people who have had to evacuate from northern Israel because of Hezbollah rockets.)

Sounds a lot like exactly what I said, no?

Although you didn’t have to be a genius. I’m not a genius. I don’t know why more people were not saying “Israel’s only way out of this Gaza nightmare is to start a war with Lebanon.”

Of course, I was saying it way before that. I said the only reason Bibi let October 7th happen in the first place was because he had a plan to start a slaughter in Gaza, then move to Lebanon and get Iran involved, then force the US into a war with Iran.

Nothing about that has changed, and everything that I said was going to happen has happened exactly as I said it would happen.

Look, I’m not trying to jack myself off here.

I’m just saying.

You would do wise to bet on a US war with Iran, because Bibi is very good at what he does, and that is the plan.