Watch: Bloodthirsty Badge Niggers Brutalize Pro-Palestine Protesters Outside Biden’s NYC Fundraiser

With the debate and the Gaza protests, it seems like it’s probably time for Biden to suspend his campaign, no?

I mean, if elections were real, wouldn’t everyone just assume that it was completely impossible for him to win, and urge him to drop out and let someone else have a go at it?

New York Post:

Anti-Israel protesters trying to disrupt President Biden’s big-money Manhattan fundraiser Friday night clashed with cops and set off smoke bombs — leading to dozens of arrests, sources said.

At least 32 demonstrators were arrested as they marched from Madison Square Garden toward the Hammerstein Ballroom on West 34th Street in Midtown, police sources said.

Video shows the mob of protesters — many of them masked — and police in riot gear trading shoves as they met on the sidewalk on the corner of West 34th Street and Eighth Avenue, less than a block from the venue.

The demonstration was organized by anti-Israel activist group Within Our Lifetime, who wrote on a flier: “genocidal politicians are not welcome in New York City.”

If voting were real, if democracy were real, there is no way Biden would still be pretending to have a chance to win the election.

Older people just saw in the debate that he is barely able to mumble.

All young people already hated him over this Palestine thing.