Bibi Says Jews Ready for “Very Strong Action” Against Lebanon

In the most predictable move ever, Israel is preparing to move into the second phase of its diabolical plan.

As I have said for a while now, Rafah is mostly irrelevant, especially given that Hamas has already moved back to positions in the north of Gaza which Israel says are “cleared.”

Any attack on Rafah is going to create the worst series of TikTok clips ever. It’s going to lead to even more alienation of Israel on the world stage. Despite Netanyahu’s claims to the contrary, being completely isolated on the world stage with China and Russia standing against you and increasingly, Western European nations taking moves against you, is not a good position for Israel.

It makes a lot more sense for them to move into the next phase of their plan, which is a war with Lebanon.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu toured the country’s northern border with Lebanon on Wednesday and said Israel was prepared for strong action in the north.

Whoever thinks that they can harm us and we will sit idly by is making a big mistake. We are prepared for a very strong action in the north. In one way or another we will restore security to the north,” Netanyahu said.

Israel is already upping the ante in southern Lebanon.

For those who have not been following my explanation of what is happening here:

  • Allowing October 7th to happen gave Israel the excuse to attack and slaughter Gaza
  • The Gaza attack caused Hezbollah in Lebanon to react by sending missiles into northern Israel
  • Israel now says they have a right to invade Lebanon
  • An invasion of Lebanon will cause action to be taken by Iran
  • Through some series of moves, Israel will get the US into a war with Iran

That was always the plan, and the plan has not changed.

The goal of the Netanyahu government has always been a US war with Iran.