Protesters Chant “Long Live Intifada” Outside NYC October 7th Rape Temple

Who even knows how much of the stuff that gets printed about these protests is true and how much of it is just nonsense.

I hope they were chanting “Long Live the Intifada.”

That’s what I would have been chanting.

New York Post:

A mob of anti-Israel protesters chanted “Long Live the Intifada” during a depraved celebration Monday night outside a downtown Manhattan exhibit that memorializes the murder and rape victims of the Oct. 7 Nova Music Festival where 364 people were killed by Hamas terrorists.

The deranged pro-terror crowd lit flares and waved a flag associated with the Iran-backed Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah in front of the Nova Music Festival Exhibition on Wall Street during what was billed by organizers as a “citywide day of rage for Gaza,” according to video from the scene.

The protesters also yelled “Israel go to hell” and clashed with police during the disturbing gathering that drew swift backlash from Israel supporters.

The Nova Exhibit was unveiled in April to give New Yorkers an idea of the terror that Hamas inflicted on Israel on Oct. 7, including when the “Tribe of Nova” festival in southern Israel was attacked.

The installation sets out to recreate an event dedicated to peace and love that was brutally cut short by Hamas’s attack on Israel from Gaza on that fateful day,” according to its website.

The demonstration, organized by pro-Palestinian group Within Our Lifetime, began in Union Square where some protesters unfurled a banner that stated “Long live October 7th,” according to social media footage.

A few blocks from the exhibit at Zuccotti Park, one man who was purportedly an Israel supporter was surrounded and taunted by about a dozen protesters who called him a Zionist.

The Jews should have started shouting back: “Long Live the Rape Temple.”

Why is there a rape temple?