Biden Not Talking About Iran Attack on Israel, Hoping People Forget About It

Brandon and his “folks” are in what the kids used to call “a dilly of a pickle.”

They’ve pledged to support a Jewish war against Iran, and now Jews are trying to start that war, and they’re like “wait, we can’t really do this war though?”

Their strategy, apparently, is to just hope everyone forgets about it.

(Further, Joe Biden trying to assure Americans that we’re not on the brink of a massive war could lead to widespread panic and disarray.)


US President Joe Biden has avoided making a public statement on the Iranian attack on Israel at the weekend in a bid to reduce tensions and stave off potential domestic criticism over the Gaza war, Politico has reported.

Iran launched hundreds of drones and missiles at Israel on Saturday, declaring it was “punishing” the Jewish state for striking Tehran’s consulate in Damascus earlier this month. Israel, which did not publicly claim credit for killing Iranian officers at the diplomatic compound, has claimed that along with its partners, it repelled some 99% of Iranian weapons.

Yeah. 99%.

Very real sounding number, Jews!

I believe you because the Jews are very honest people!

The US was among the nations to help defend Israel and has pledged continued support, although Biden did not comment publicly at the weekend in an effort to discourage further escalation in the Middle East, White House officials told Politico.

“Putting the president behind the Resolute Desk turns up the temperature,” one source said. “That’s something to ideally avoid.”

Some Biden advisers hope that the Iranian attack could grant them a temporary reprieve from Democratic critics, who disagree with Washington’s response to the hostilities with Gaza, the report added.

No. No, I don’t think people are going to start seeing the Jews as victims again just because someone finally struck back at them after all they’ve done to Gaza.

I know it’s not technically in response to Gaza, but as the Chinese said, it’s part of the escalation process that is stemming from Gaza.


Iran’s retaliatory strikes on Israel constitute an “adverse spillover” of the Gaza conflict, China’s ambassador to the United Nations has said, warning that it could spread further and make the entire Middle East even more unstable.

Dai Bing made the remarks after Tehran launched a series of airstrikes on Israel over the weekend in retaliation for the bombing of an Iranian consular compound in Syria, which killed seven military personnel, including two generals.

Israel has not commented on the incident since Iran accused it of conducting an extraterritorial assassination.

Speaking at a UN Security Council emergency meeting on Sunday, Dai condemned Israel’s “vicious attack,” which he described as a “grave violation of the UN Charter and international law, and a breach of the sovereignty of both Syria and Iran.”

The war in Gaza “bears on the peace, stability and long-term security in the [Middle East] region,” he added, and called for an immediate end to the hostilities.

Dai warned that if “the flames of the Gaza conflict are allowed to continue raging, the adverse spillover is set to spread still further” across the entire region.

I remember people used to shill against me, like “oh, Anglin doesn’t know that China is a close ally of Israel???”

People who criticize me are such retards. I’ve never seen such sorry sacks.

But yeah, everyone gets what’s going on here. Israel is engaged in a very large massacre of innocent people and is now trying to expand this into a regional war. No one feels pity because someone finally responded to their lunatic aggression.

Israel has achieved “permanent global bad guy” status. That’s not ever going away.

I was going to write a long article about this whole Iran-Israel thing. It seems like I should do that. It also feels like I’ve already said all this stuff before it happened.

And this morning was like:

I’ll do it tomorrow.

We’ll do a refresher, summing up the various elements of the situation.

The only important hot take from the attack itself is that Israel is completely lying about shooting down 99% of the missiles/drones, and insofar as most of them were shot, it was because the Americans did it.

Israel is not invincible and the Iron Dome doesn’t work (it was just a way to rip off American taxpayers).

Israel apparently wanted Iran to do this, which is the only reason they would bomb their consulate in Syria, which means they want to use this to get America involved in a war.

That is probably going to happen. Maybe not? Anyone who tells you they know either way is a retard and a liar.