HOAX WATCH: Israel Attack on Iran Confirmed to be Trumped-Up Nonsense

Last night, I did an update to the article about the alleged attack on Iran by Israel, stating that it had been confirmed to be a hoax. However, I’m not sure how many people would have seen the update, so I am writing here so everyone is aware that this was a fake news hoax.

Basically, a couple of drones were shot down in a small Iranian city, and then the entire Western media started claiming that Israel had delivered some kind of devastating attack on Iran. Yesterday morning, there was still a “fog of war,” and it was unclear what exactly the “attack” was. Iran was downplaying it completely, but I noted that they might have reason to do that even if it was a significant attack.

It turns out, Iran was right to downplay it, as it was not a significant attack. It’s not even clear that it came from Israel at all, though it was clearly designed to look like that. What Iran said after the event, while downplaying it, was that these drones likely came from terrorists inside of the country. That appears to be the most likely explanation.

The Independent:

Iran’s foreign minister played down Israel’s limited military attack on Friday, claiming it “was not a strike” and refusing to acknowledge Israeli involvement.

“It has not been proven to us that there is a connection between this and Israel,” Hossein Amir-Abdollahian told NBC.

“They were more like toys that our children play with — not drones,” he added.

It came as an Israeli official said it was intended only to convey to Iran that Israel has the ability to hit targets inside the country.

The attack appeared to target an Iranian Air Force base near the city of Isfahan, deep inside the country, but without striking any strategic sites or causing major damage.

The real story here is the way the Western media was able to blow this up as a major event. The other story is why they would want to do that. The media is always sensational, I suppose, but they clearly wanted to give the impression that Israel had delivered a serious blow to Iran in response to Iran firing all of those drones and rockets at them. A lot of Arab media was going along with this “big attack” narrative, so it seems the purpose was to try to humiliate Iran, and make it look like they are the ones refusing to retaliate, when it is actually Israel that is refusing to retaliate.

Basically: Israel blew up Iran’s consulate in Damascus. Iran responded by sending hundreds of drones and missiles into Israel. While not doing serious damage, the Iranian attack proved that Iran can hit Israel any time it wants.

(For the record, I think that was the purpose of the attack: to send the message. These missiles and drones took a long time to arrive in Israel from Iran, and Iran actually called the US and told them the projectiles were incoming, which allowed the US time to scramble jets to shoot them down.)

Basically, whoever refuses to retaliate now looks like a pussy. Israel is the one currently refusing to retaliate, but this fake story about these drones being a major Israeli attack makes it appear as though Israel did retaliate, and it’s Iran that is a pussy.

That said, I do not think Israel is standing down. It’s simply that they need to escalate in the region further before they start to agitate more against Iran.

In particular, Hezbollah represents a serious threat to Israel, and they would want to at least be involved in Lebanon before starting things up with Iran, because otherwise, Hezbollah is going to trigger serious problems on Israel’s northern border. Hezbollah has already forced evacuation of towns in the north of Israel.

I have to say it again, because so few people are actually saying it: Israel let the October 7th attack happen on purpose. There was insider trading before the event which proves that people knew this was going to happen.

The recent Al-Jazeera documentary on the October 7th attack goes through the whole story, and shows that the Israelis definitely knew this was happening before it happened, and even when Hamas was moving to attack, they knew and didn’t trigger defensive action.

Even Hamas says they expected 75% of the attackers to die, and in fact, 75% made it out alive.

Israel wanted to create an excuse to trigger a major regional war, which ultimately ends in the US going to war with Iran, and destroying that country’s government. The Jews are not going to back down from this, because they will not ever have another chance to do it in the future, and Israel (probably rightly) believes that if they don’t destroy Iran, they will never be safe.

You’ll remember, I told you this about the Ukraine war in 2014. I said that there was no way to avoid a war, because the Jews were hellbent on a war. I said that the Minsk Accords were just a ruse.

When the Jews are hellbent on a war, they get their war. This is an eternal truth.