Biden Promises New Air Defense Systems for the Ukraine After Cancer Child Hospital Bombing Hoax

The footage shows a crawlingly slow missile. It’s either edited into the video or free falling due to malfunction. Or maybe Russia develops highly precise missiles that can go slow enough to be captured with a random smartphone camera, unlike the missiles used by the Jews in Gaza?

Also, I know it’s a cheap shot, but: Israel supporters are suddenly outraged by bombing hospitals?

The Guardian:

Joe Biden has announced that Nato countries will provide Ukraine with five new strategic air defense systems as leaders began a summit in Washington where the alliance was expected to declare Ukraine’s path toward Nato to be “irreversible”.

The promise of weapons deliveries, including anti-air defenses sought after by Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy, came just a day after a deadly missile strike against a pediatric cancer hospital and other civilian targets in Ukraine that Biden called a “horrific reminder of Russia’s brutality”.

“All told, Ukraine will receive hundreds of additional interceptors over the next year, helping protect Ukrainian cities against Russian missiles and Ukrainian troops facing their attacks on the front lines,” said Biden.

It was announced on Tuesday that the US and its European allies would act to bolster Ukraine’s air defences at a time when the country is under constant heavy bombardment from Russia.

The US, Germany and Romania would send additional batteries of the Patriot air defence system while Patriot components donated by the Netherlands would enable another battery to operate, according to a statement by the leaders of the US, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Romania.

The Italian prime minister, Giorgia Meloni, approved the donation of a Italian-French-made equivalent of the Patriot interceptor, the SAMP/T air defence system.

It had to be a pediatric cancer hospital too.

Couldn’t just be a normal hospital.

Putin was like “now, I want to bomb hospital” and his henchman was like “just any old hospital, milord?” and he was like “no. Cancer child hospital.”