Black Goes on Race-Revenge Shooting Spree Targeting White Men

Here’s an interesting news story that 98% of the country won’t ever hear about.

New York Post:

A black man accused in a 20-hour, two-state shooting spree that wounded five strangers told cops he was motivated by race and intentionally targeted “military-looking” white men he believed wronged him, police said.

Justin Tyran Roberts, 39, was arrested Saturday by police in Columbus, Georgia, where cops say he wounded four people — including two white men — during separate attacks late Friday and Saturday afternoon.

Roberts is also accused of shooting a white man in the back at a hotel in Phenix City, Alabama, the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer reported.

Detective Brandon Lockhart testified Monday that Roberts told police following his arrest that he “had to have” one victim who was shot in the back as he got into a car under the Oglethorpe Bridge in Columbus.

“Basically, he explained throughout his life, specifically white males had taken from him, and also what he described as ‘military-looking white males’ had taken from him,” Lockhart testified, recalling what Roberts allegedly told investigators.

Pictured: The white men who stole his flying pyramid

Columbus Police Chief Freddie Blackmon said Saturday that all of the victims were expected to recover. Investigators also found no evidence that Roberts knew any of the shooting victims, the Ledger-Enquirer reported.

Roberts also claimed that white men had been “shooting at him in a wooded area with a slingshot,” but police found no evidence to back up that assertion, Lockhart testified.

Roberts, a convicted felon, was found with a Taurus 9mm pistol that had been stolen Thursday when he was arrested, Lockhart said.

The alleged shooting spree started one day later at the Courtyard by Marriott hotel in Phenix City, where a man was hospitalized following the apparently random attack, Blackmon said Saturday.

Roberts fits the description of the gunman in that attack and he’s expected to face additional charges in Alabama, the Ledger-Inquirer reported.

Hours later, two white males and a black female were shot elsewhere in Columbus. Roberts is charged with multiple counts of aggravated assault and gun charges in connection to being a convicted felon in that case, the newspaper reported.

Roberts appeared in court Monday to face charges in one of the shootings and his public defender asked a judge to order that he undergo a mental health evaluation, claiming that Lockhart’s testimony showed the man is “having delusions and a disconnect from reality,” according to the report.

The judge agreed and sent Roberts’ charges of aggravated assault, using a gun to commit a crime and being a convicted felon with a firearm to Muscogee Superior Court.

Wait, so white men damaging the lives of random black people is a delusional disconnect from reality?


Because that’s not what I’ve been hearing for the last ten years or so.

I think there is a likelihood that they will let this guy off. You all read the story of the black guy who shot the white guy while trying to steal his truck, and he was let off by the jury, right?

They said he felt scared of the old white man he killed, so he had a right to kill him.

There is a pattern emerging, where blacks are generally above the law, in any circumstances – especially when they are targeting white people.

But even if he does do some time for this – imagine that virtually no media is reporting it.

This massive black-on-white violence movement we warned you about is now beginning.

On Monday, Tucker had a segment about how blacks in Atlanta are just going around shooting random whites.

Hilariously, YouTube locked the video.

Anyone else on YouTube saying what Tucker says would get banned from the site, but he’s allowed to stay because Fox has a deal with YouTube. But if he talks about the forbidden issue – the fact that blacks are now just out shooting random white people – he gets locked.

Thankfully, the whole show is on BitChute. The segment in question is at the beginning of the show.

This rising black-on-white crime spree is presumably happening all around the country. It’s impossible to track it, because the media tries so hard to cover it up.

I will say that for those of you who want to try to track the scope of it, you should check out New Nation News. I rarely promote other alternative news sites – not because I’m afraid of competition, but because a lot of them are garbage or otherwise weird*. But all NNN does is spam links to black-on-white crime, and it’s about as comprehensive of a view as you’re going to find anywhere.

*Also, while we’re shouting out, shoutout to National File and Big League Politics