Black-Masked “Students” Allegedly Seize Columbia University Building, Committing Vandalism, Trespassing

Well, well, well.

The men in black masks have appeared on Columbia campus.


New York Post:

A huge mob of masked anti-Israel protesters broke into an academic building at Columbia University and seized it early Tuesday – hours after the school finally began suspending students who refused to vacate the tent encampment that brought campus life to a halt.

Dozens stormed into Hamilton Hall and sealed themselves in shortly before 1 a.m. – with some using metal barricades, chairs and tables to block others from getting inside, footage posted on social media shows.

One shocking video captured a violent, hammer-wielding demonstrator smashing two glass windows of a door and placing what appeared to be a bike lock around the door’s handles.

Violent, hammer-wielding demonstrator, you say?

In a black mask?

This sounds vaguely familiar…

Others covered security cameras inside the building with tape and black trash bags, according to the student-led Columbia Daily Spectator.

As of 6:30 a.m., the rogue protesters were still occupying the South Lawn building, which has been the scene of the school’s anti-Israel encampment for over a week, the paper reported.

Meanwhile, hundreds more swarmed outside the campus building, with some linking arms to form a human chain blocking the entrance.

Hey hey, ho ho, the occupation has got to go,” protesters outside the building could be heard chanting during the wild scenes, according to footage posted to X by an independent news blog.

We will not leave until Columbia meets every one of our demands,” others raged.

I think you probably will, actually.

When the group initially barged into the building in the early hours, several campus facilities workers were still inside. The protesters removed some of the barricades to let them out.

One of the workers yelled, “They held me hostage” as he left the building and smacked somebody’s camera, the student newspaper reported.

It’s very predictable.

I predicted this yesterday.

Antifa was nowhere to be seen, then they suddenly show up to start committing crimes to give the cops an excuse to shut it all down.

Obviously, some of the students are going to go along with it. That’s what “agent provocateur” means. You provoke the others in the protest into doing things they would not otherwise do.

Now the cops have a real reason to go in with force, because protesters have committed vandalism and illegal entry.

I also predicted that this would not work, and the students would continue protesting. Some of them will try to call this out.

Unfortunately, it is usually right-wingers who call this sort of thing out, and all of the right-wingers still permitted on social media are supporters of the sickening baby-killer Jews.

Look at this asshole asking where the police are and “what is going on?”

What do you think is going on, retard?

It’s so tiresome to live in a world of total lies, and to know everything that is going on.