US Says No Defense Deal for Saudi Unless They Recognize Israel

Is Saudi torpedoing the deal, or is the US?

Who knows. Both maybe. Either. It doesn’t matter.

This kind of relationship with the US is not possible for any Arab state in a post-Gaza world.


The US will not enter into a defense agreement with Saudi Arabia unless the kingdom recognizes the state of Israel, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan has said. However, Riyadh has made any recognition deal contingent on the Israelis agreeing to work toward the formal establishment of an independent Palestinian state.

Media reports last week suggested that Washington and Riyadh were drawing closer to signing a bilateral security pact, even as progress toward a Saudi-Israel normalization deal remained stalled. According to Reuters, the pact would see the US enter into a formal alliance with Saudi Arabia and help with its civilian nuclear program in exchange for Riyadh cutting some economic ties with China.


Sounds like a good deal, Jews.

Speaking at a Financial Times event in London on Saturday, Sullivan insisted that no deal will be possible without Saudi Arabia recognizing Israel.

“The integrated vision is a bilateral understanding between the US and Saudi Arabia combined with normalization between Israel and Saudi Arabia, combined with meaningful steps on behalf of the Palestinian people,” he told attendees. “All of that has to come together…you can’t disentangle one piece from the others.”

Maybe I’m missing something here, but I’m pretty sure that Israel normalization is no longer possible for Saudi. Not for a long time. Not until people have forgotten this massacre, which will take at least maybe 100,000 years.

Saudi already cucked out by agreeing to two states. It’s really not possible for them to say they agree with Israel slaughtering Gaza like this. It would undermine the remaining authority they have in the region. Increasingly, Sunnis are already looking to Turkey for leadership.