Boeing Says They Don’t Have Any Idea When the NASA Astronauts Will Return

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The Guardian:

Boeing’s public relations crisis is now out of this world: the company’s Starliner spacecraft – with two astronauts onboard – are currently stuck in space.

After what started as an eight-day mission, US astronauts Sunita “Suni” Williams and Barry “Butch” Wilmore have now spent the better part of a month on their space capsule attached to the International Space Station as engineers work out the problems with Starliner.

The 8-day mission that lasted a month reminds me of Gilligan’s Island.

“A three hour tour…”

It remains unclear when exactly the astronauts will be able to make their return to Earth. A Boeing spokesperson told the Guardian they have “adjusted the return of Starliner Crew Flight Test until after two planned spacewalks on Monday, June 24, and Tuesday, July 2” and that they “currently do not have a date for the return, and will evaluate opportunities after the spacewalks”.

The spokesperson also noted “the crew is not pressed for time to leave the station since there are plenty of supplies in orbit, and the station’s schedule is relatively open through mid-August”.

The Starliner blasted into space on 5 June from Florida’s Cape Canaveral Space Force Station after two previously unsuccessful launches on 6 May and 1 June respectively.

A year behind schedule and $1.5bn over budget, this particular Nasa-Boeing mission had problems long before its official launch, including issues with reaction control thrusters and helium leaks.

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These people knew the risks.

The Indian woman probably screwed something up.

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The media is probably going to blame the Russians.