UK: Woman Prison Guard Arrested for Sex Tape with Inmate

So basically, if you mix the sexes, women are going to have sex with whoever they are working with.

The Taliban knows this.

Apparently, no one else in the world knows this.

People used to know it.

The Guardian:

A woman has been arrested after the emergence of a social media video apparently showing a prison officer having sex with an inmate in a cell.

The Metropolitan police said it began investigating on Friday after being made “aware of a video allegedly filmed inside HMP Wandsworth”, adding that a woman had been arrested on suspicion of misconduct in public office the same day and remained in custody.

It is not known when the footage, which showed an officer initially in full uniform, was filmed.

Her name is Linda de Sousa Abreu

The arrest comes less than two months after the prisons watchdog wrote to the justice secretary, Alex Chalk, with an urgent notification for improvement at the jail.

Charlie Taylor, the chief inspector of prisons, said the findings of a recent inspection were “deeply concerning”, with “chaotic” wings and staff being unable to “accurately account for their prisoners during the working day”. The prison’s governor, Katie Price, resigned during the inspection.

A Scotland Yard spokesperson said: “A police investigation was launched on 28 June after officers were made aware of a video allegedly filmed inside HMP Wandsworth.

“A woman was arrested on suspicion of misconduct in public office on 28 June. She has been taken into police custody.

“Inquiries continue. We remain in close contact with the Ministry of Justice.”

Honestly, I don’t really even know if this matters.

It’s the same thing with the teachers having sex with teenagers.

It’s like “is this actually even a serious problem?”

It doesn’t affect my life.

Women in the workplace affect everyone’s lives, but who they are having sex with really doesn’t matter very much to me.