Boston: Anti-Heterosexual Rioters Say They’re “Battling Hate” by Attacking Straight Pride Parade

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 1, 2019

Yes, of course not having anal sex with men is now a form of “hatred.”

How could it not be in current year?

“Gay rights” were sold as “it’s their own business what they do in their bedrooms.” Then they started marketing homosexuality to children. Now they will attack you on the street for not getting fucked up the ass by men.

Times of Israel:

A “Straight Pride” parade and counter-demonstration went off in Boston Saturday without any major conflicts reported between the two groups, each of which numbered several hundred.

But after the “Straight Pride” group dispersed, the counter-protesters accused police of protecting “Nazis,” chanted “shame on you,” and formed a human chain that police tried to get through, an AFP photographer said.

Officers fired pepper spray and made several arrests.

Earlier, outside City Hall, in what is one of America’s most liberal cities, people from the two camps stood close enough to yell in each other’s faces and in a few instances threw coffee cups and soil at each other.

The demonstrations came as tensions simmer between leftists and white nationalists across the United States, and with critics of US President Donald Trump saying his rhetoric has fueled extremism.

Black-clad riot police with batons and gas masks stood by in formation, ready to snuff out any trouble.

Many in the “Straight Pride” group wore capes or other attire bearing the US stars and stripes flag. Some also bore Israeli flags, while the counter-protesters hurled chants of “Nazi” and “Free Palestine.”


You’ll have that.

An AFP photographer saw the remains of several US flags that had been burned.

The parade, with marchers carrying signs such as “2020 Trump” and “Build The Wall,” moved from Copley Plaza, through major downtown streets before ending with a rally at City Hall Plaza, where the crowd and speakers were outnumbered by those protesting them from behind barricades.

Before the more serious unrest, a couple of counter-demonstrators scuffled with police and threw dirt and eggs at them.

A group calling itself Super Happy Fun America organized the “Straight Pride” parade in response to the gay pride parades that take place, jamming the streets of US cities every year.

Critics say the “Straight Pride” organizers are white supremacists whose intent is to bait members of the LGBT community in Boston.

The marshal of the “Straight Pride” rally was Milo Yiannopoulos, a prominent and provocative member of the far-right movement in America who has been banned from several social media sites. He also happens to be gay.

“My fellow homosexuals have been embarrassing me for decades,” he told AFP. “Finally I found my crowd.”

“Honestly, as a gay man, I have been embarrassed and attacked by my fellow homosexuals for most of my life, and these people feel like home.”

He added that he stands for traditional Christian family values — “even if I don’t always live them.”

I was heavily against having MILO at this thing. Not even because I hate him. But because it is obvious pandering, saying “oh well, this faggot is giving us permission to do penis-in-vagina, so you can’t call us bigots.”

The parade should have been marshaled by some jacked bastion of masculinity.

Like maybe Hulk Hogan.

But just… anyone straight would have been fine.

Rachel Domond, an organizer of the counter-demonstration, said she turned out to “stand up against this hatred that is here in Boston, and nationally.”

Trump’s rise, she told AFP, had made people like the white supremacists feel “empowered to say those statements and be more public about it.”

Just look at the absolute number of cops in this aerial footage.

We are living inside of an absolute prison grid, as we are harassed and attacked by the lowest forms of life on earth simply for saying that we have a right to be normal.

I felt a tinge of sadness seeing all of the pro-Trump regalia at the parade.

These are the people that elected Trump and the people he should be supporting. Instead, he is pushing to try to force black men in Africa to fuck each other up the ass.

I really wish he could just be what he’s supposed to be. Even if he doesn’t get anything done at all, if he could just come out and say “yeah, those are my people – they have sex with women and they’re tired of being abused for engaging in this highly normal reproductive activity,” it would mean so much.