Boston Cops Poised to Unleash Robo-Dog on Prostrate Populace!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 27, 2019

Not a day goes by without the police going out of their way to give the civilian population the heeby-jeebies. Why do they need a robot dog? Was it really necessary to teach it how to open doors?

Is the policing situation so bad that they can’t send policemen outside the precinct anymore?

We need to start asking questions.


Cops have long had dogs, and robots, to help them do their jobs. And now, they have a robot dog.

Massachusetts State Police is the first law enforcement agency in the country to use Boston Dynamics’ dog-like robot, called Spot. While the use of robotic technology is not new for state police, the temporary acquisition of Spot — a customizable robot some have called “terrifying” — is raising questions from civil rights advocates about how much oversight there should be over police robotics programs.

I don’t actually think that replacing the police with robots is necessarily a bad idea. We just don’t know what the robots are going to be programmed for.

If Aryan Skynet was online, then OK – we could have that talk. Not until that point though.

The state’s bomb squad had Spot on loan from the Waltham-based Boston Dynamics for three months starting in August until November, according to records obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts and reviewed by WBUR.

The documents do not reveal a lot of details on the robot dog’s exact use, but a state police spokesman said Spot, like the department’s other robots, was used as a “mobile remote observation device” to provide troopers with images of suspicious devices or potentially hazardous locations, like where an armed suspect might be hiding. 

More like the police are getting ready for the gun confiscations and want to send robot dogs to collect people’s firearms instead of putting their own fat asses on the line when they’re only 5 years away from a plush retirement.

Once these robo-dogs are deployed, the gun confiscations will go smoother, because normal people hesitate to shoot at animals – even the robo-kind.

This is no doubt part of the plan.