Brandon Won’t Go to Zelensky’s Fake “Peace Summit,” Sending Kamala

Biden decided not to go to the “peace summit.”

But Kamala is going.

She said she didn’t really understand much beyond the fact that the Ukraine is a country, but wanted to help any way she could, so she gave Zelensky three options:

  • Facial
  • Swallow
  • A little of both

That’s frankly a lot more than Biden was going to be able to offer.


The Biden administration has confirmed that the US president will not be attending an upcoming summit in Switzerland on the Ukraine conflict, and will send Vice President Kamala Harris and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan instead.

Media reports suggest Joe Biden will be going to a pre-election fundraiser taking place at the same time as the conference in mid-June.

The Swiss-hosted gathering is intended to drum up support for Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky’s demands regarding the conflict with Russia. Moscow has not been invited, however, while Beijing has declined to participate.

Who is going?

Is it just going to be Kamala and Vologodongaongorno?

“Vice President Kamala Harris will travel to Lucerne, Switzerland on June 15 to participate in the Summit on Peace in Ukraine,” her spokesperson Kirsten Allen said on Monday, adding that this “will underscore the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to supporting Ukraine’s effort to secure a just and lasting peace.”

Calling it a “peace summit” is at least as ridiculous as child trannies.

They should call it “A summit demanding that Russia offer an unconditional surrender, give back all former Ukraine territories including Crimea, pay the Ukraine trillions of dollars, and turn over all of their high-ranking government officials to be tried and executed by a fake court run by the United Nations.”

It’s not a “peace summit.”

This is a clown show.

The only thing that could give it any modicum of credibility is if it was hosted by Joe Rogan.

Allen also confirmed that Sullivan would be joining Harris at the conference, scheduled to take place at the Burgenstock resort.

Biden’s travel itinerary had him scheduled to visit Europe later this week, to attend the 80th anniversary of the Normandy landings in France and “part of” the G7 summit, scheduled for June 13-15 in the south of Italy. This had given rise to speculation that he could “stop by” Switzerland or have Zelensky come to him.

“Come to him” lol.

“You can meet me at McDonald’s, Jack. They got double fish sandwiches now, Jack.”

Last week, the Ukrainian leader tried to pressure the US president into lending legitimacy to the “peace summit,” arguing that his absence would “not be a particularly strong move,” and would let down other world leaders who “need President Biden.”

Zelensky also claimed that anyone who missed the conference was a tool of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Monday’s announcement, however, appeared to confirm reports that Biden would prioritize a political fundraiser in Hollywood, headlined by actor George Clooney and expected to feature actress Julia Roberts and former President Barack Obama.

Biden is a tool of George Clooney.

Zelensky should say that.

Isn’t Switzerland embarrassed about hosting this?

Don’t they still pretend to be “neutral” in some vague way?

Don’t they at least pretend to be adults?

Who is going? I haven’t seen a list.

Is it even available?

A Ukraine propaganda site said this morning 106 countries are going.

No list.

Two weeks ago they said 50 of 160 countries invited were coming.

I think anyone who is going just wants a free stay at this sweet resort:

I’d go.

I was probably invited. I don’t really check my email.

Probably what would happen is I’d call up for a hooker and be like “just send anyone but Kamala,” and they’d be like “I’m sorry sir, but it is pronounced ‘CAMUL-EHHH,’ and I’m also sorry sir to inform you that she is the only hooker currently available. I would also like to inform you that she will do any of the fetishes, including very strange ones from Japanese cartoons.”

I’d be like: “Will she dress up like Teen Wolf?” and then without hesitation the concierge would be like “yes sir, of course.”


Don’t know why I’m pushing this joke so far when it wasn’t funny in the first place. This is Dan Bongino tier humor.

Seriously though: where is the list?

Not only should there be a list of countries, there should be a list of the delegates they are sending.

They’re probably sending elementary school gym teachers and such (more serious than Kamala – sending Kamala is a real serious insult).

Regardless, there are only actually three “great powers” in the world, and those are China, US, and Russia, in that order. China refused, Russia wasn’t invited even though they are the country the Ukraine is trying to make peace with (nothing like that has ever happened before in all of human history), and the US is sending the Indian woman who told school children they were going to live on Mars.


The Wikipedia page has the list: it’s 23 countries.

Then they say “90 states and organizations.” So it’s 23 states, 3 European councils, states and 64 NGOs.

They invited every country but Russia (the country they are trying to make peace with). And only two African countries are coming. You would think they would send some asshole janitor just to grab the free soaps and little liquor bottles and crap from the hotel room.

But even the blacks are like “no, this shit is too goofy and embarrassing and these people are all homosexuals.”

It is so nutty to me that the media is pumping this up as a “peace summit” with a straight face. I think that everything in the world has become so bizarre that most people are not able to recognize just how bizarre this is.

A country that is losing a war very badly is demanding the winning country offer unconditional surrender, give back territory it securely occupies, pay trillions of dollars, and surrender the entire country’s leadership to be executed.

Everyone in the Western media/government is just like “ah yes, this is all very normal.”

I guess it is sort of telling that Biden won’t go. The clearly means that someone understands how embarrassing this is.

Zelensky is literally going to be walking around in a t-shirt.

Can you even? I really just can’t even.

I know I’m going on and on here, but I’m trying to even, and I just can’t do it.

I hope Vologondongoromoro invites Taylor Swift and she refuses and he has a public freakout condemning her as a tool of George Clooney.

I wonder if they’ll at least be able to book Smash Mouth?

That would at least give the event an air of credibility.