Report: Pro-Russia Commentator has Passport Seized at the Airport While Boarding a Plane to Russia

Video from June 4

This week, Scott Ritter, a prominent alternative media internet figurehead, reportedly had his passport seized by American authorities while attempting to board a plane to Russia.

Ritter is a geopolitical commentator who is focused primarily on Russian issues. He was a former employee of the US Military and the United Nations. At the latter, he was a weapons inspector, and reported that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. He became outspoken against the war, and was then did-up on some underage girl nonsense on the internet in the 00s. They actually sent the poor bastard to prison for texting with a federal agent who said he was an underage girl. (It’s impressive that he was able to come back from that. They basically destroy people’s reputations permanently with these various sexual hoaxes.)

I’m not a close follower of Ritter. From what I’ve seen of his materials, I would probably agree with all of his beliefs, but I have found that he plays it a bit loose with his sources, and sometimes reports things that turn out to be less than accurate. (Note: I don’t want to give the impression I’m against the man, or that I think he is constantly spreading disinformation. Everyone has sources for various information, they make analysis of that information, and all that I intend to communicate here is that I find myself regularly disagreeing with his analysis and find that his predictions often do not play out as he’s predicted them. But I do not mean to insult him. I would never insult a fellow Russian shill. Further, from what I have seen, he gives a lot more good information than bad information.)

Ritter is a big time advocate for the Russian government, and goes on various shows promoting a pro-Russian narrative. He also talks about other geopolitical issues, including Israel-Palestine.

Last week, according to his account (which can be viewed in the above interview with Judge Andrew Napolitano), he was on his way to Russia, to go to the Saint Petersburg Economic Forum, and after going through immigration, when preparing to board the plane to Russia, he was stopped by three Customs and Border Patrol Agents who took his passport, which prevented him from being allowed to board the plane. He was not charged with any crimes or told what the reason for the seizure of the passport was; he was simply told that the State Department told them to seize his passport.

He was not given a receipt when they took his passport, and he did not film the encounter, which means there is no proof of the story at this point, but it seems probable enough. As I say, I’ve disagreed with some of his sources in the past, but he doesn’t strike me as someone who would just make this story up.

The story is not particularly surprising to someone such as myself, who has been in the belly of the beast for a long time. There is very little that the US government could do to anyone that would surprise me. In fact, it is more surprising that someone would be surprised by something like this. The theory that Americans have rights has been fully debunked. The people who run this government will do anything to anyone if they want to do it. They will come up with an excuse.

What was done to Ritter this week cannot be separated from what was done to Donald Trump or Alex Jones in the same week. It cannot be separated from what was done to me in 2017 (and continues to be done to me). If the US government wants to do something to you, they will do it, and you can scream your rights as loudly as you wish, and it will not make any difference.

We do not live in a free country. We live in the worst possible form of tyranny: one where the overwhelming majority of the population is not aware that they live in a tyranny. The majority of the American people genuinely believe that they have rights, and that the government has limits on what it is allowed to do to you. On some level, the government will allow people to do things in order to keep up the illusion that we have freedoms. But we all know how that works. They will use “private companies” such as Twitter and Facebook to silence dissidents, and if dissidents attempt to organize in public, they will be attacked by “private thugs” (antifa) who are organized and funded by the FBI.

Despite the illusions of freedom, no American has the ability to actually change anything about the way the government is run. If they ever get close to doing that, the gloves come off, and strange and unusual actions are taken against them.

Ritter is part of a group of people advocating the Russian position on the Ukraine war and on the global conflict that the Ukraine war is transforming into. Doing something wild, such as seizing his passport while he is attempting to board a plane to Russia, is intended to send a message to all of those advocating the Russian position: “Be careful, because we are watching you, and we can do whatever we want to you.”

There are no mainstream media reports on what happened to Ritter. The story is only circulating in the alternative media. That is yet another warning: “We can do this to you in secret.”

If I were Ritter, I would have left the US a long time ago. It’s the same thing I told Alex Jones. In fact, I said in 2020 that Donald Trump should have fled the US and declared himself “President in Exile” (he would have been recognized by several states). If you hang around in the US as an opponent of the regime, you can either hope you are ineffective, or wait for them to come to you. These people will find a way to destroy you, and you will not be able to do anything about it.

You can’t fight City Hall.