Brazil Continues to Whip Its Negroes… Why Can’t We?

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 5, 2019

It appears that the liberal press has belatedly found out that bad shit happens in Brazil.

Now, the rest of the world found that little bit of trivia out the minute that LiveLeak and BestGore came online, when the total and uncensored weeping sore that is the Third World was revealed to millions of coddled Western Whites all at once.

This sort of thing has been going on for many Internet years and probably decades before that. The only thing that has changed is that the media has suddenly decided to become a professional round-the-clock internet nigger defense force and decided to throw a gay moral fit about it.

The Guardian:

Naked and whimpering, his trousers around his ankles, the black teenage boy jerks and howls with pain as he is whipped with electric cable.

“Are you going to come back?” asks one of his tormentors. The youth shakes his head, unable to speak because he has been gagged.

Even by Brazilian standards of racism and cruelty, the whipping of the boy after he was caught stealing four bars of chocolate from a São Paulo supermarket has caused deep shock.

That simply isn’t true. This was pretty mild fare. And because I have normal T levels, I thought the whole thing was mildly amusing and shared a chuckle with the guards on the video.

Cellphone footage of the boy’s ordeal has been widely shared, and many – including the detective investigating the case – have drawn comparisons with the country’s treatment of black people during three centuries of slavery.

“It is like a scene from centuries ago,” said detective Pedro Luis de Souza, describing the victim as “a defenceless, homeless black man … A victim of society, I would say.”

So was it a boy-thief or a homeless black man who dindu nuffin?

Scenes of thieves – often young black men and teenagers – being tied up, tortured and even murdered are common in Brazil.


Even so, de Souza said he was “extremely shocked” when a journalist sent him the video on Monday afternoon. He began an inquiry, interviewed the victim and identified the two security guards.

The youth said he was stopped after leaving the supermarket by guards who found he had stolen chocolate. “They tied him up and whipped him until he promised to not do it again,” de Souza said, adding that the crime of torture carries a prison sentence of up to eight years.

The youth, who has not been named, told TV Globo the guards threatened him.

“They said if I spoke to anyone, they would kill me,” he said, adding it was the third time he had been assaulted by the same two security guards after stealing from the supermarket.

Incredible. The thief even admits that this was the third time that he had stolen and been chased off by the guards, who at that point realized that more drastic measures were necessary. There is no way that the guards were White, either. This was a brown-on-brown incident, but Whitey still gets blamed – because of course.

No matter how many times I see it, I am still shocked by the sheer unbridled contempt for white people and general faggotry of the liberal press.

It often renders me speechless.

But yeah, non-Whites do unspeakable and disgusting things to each other. Someone should look into that.

That guards filmed the torture showed how sure they were they would not get caught, Adami said: “All this is connected to the slavery past in Brazil where blacks were whipped night and day.

Seems like every country that had black slaves figured out that only corporal punishment worked on blacks. And really, isn’t a few lashings and a lesson well-learned more humane than going in and out of prison on the taxpayer’s dime for years and years at a time?

I guess even liberals believe that monkeys belong in cages.

Djamila Ribeiro, a black writer, philosopher and television presenter, said the video showed how institutionally racist Brazil was. In 2017, 75% of Brazil’s 65,000 homicide victims were black or mixed race.

Mestizos and mulattos murdering one another for cheap chalupas in the favelas. This isn’t racism – these monsters are just feral and devour each other like some kind of hobgoblin creature from hell might.

In Africa, other blacks would have burned this thief alive after poking him around with their dull machetes for a bit.

I don’t want anything to do with these people. I’m not about that life. And yet, the nigger internet defense force wants me to accept both the boy-thief and the guards with whips into my country, where they can continue their cycle of thievery and lashing and uploading to the internet for likes from their huehuehue monkey countrymen.