BREAKING NEWS: Someone Says MEAN THINGS to a Jew TWICE in an Hour

This might be the saddest thing that ever happened in Britain.


A Jewish man was subjected to abuse and death threats twice within the space of an hour on London’s public transportation, amid a major rise in antisemitic incidents in the UK.

“My brother [who is visibly Jewish] was attacked on the 113 bus, heading in direction of Oxford Circus, London at 11:33PM and threatened to ‘slit his throat for Palestine,’” Shlomie Liberow tweeted.

“Will anything be done about this rampant #Antisemitism?” he asked.

“Identifiably Jewish people face extreme racism on a daily occurrence,” he added.

The Jewish man was also called a “f***ing scumbag” and told by his abuser that he would “f***ing beat the shit out of you.”

A video showed a man banging on the door and yelling antisemitic slurs. As well as being told he would “slit his throat,” the man also threatened to “shank” the Jewish man.

Liberow later posted a follow up on Twitter: “An hour prior, he had another antisemitic encounter” on London’s underground subway, and was accompanied by a video showing a group of England soccer supporters making antisemitic comments.

“How proud I am to be English tonight where someone visibly jewish can not use public transport without hearing ‘I [f***ing] hate the jews,’” Liberow said. “So depressing…”

Liberow noted “identifiably Jewish people face extreme racism on a daily occurrence.”

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Liberow said, “Walking in the street or using public transport when visibly Jewish, such as by wearing a kippah, is likely to invite abuse.”

Yeah, maybe you shouldn’t have invited all those brown people to live in white countries, huh Jews?