Breeding Out the Black Blood

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
August 15, 2014

“I wonder where all those different shades of brown came from….”

I often hear it said that a population can withstand a certain amount of race-mixing and that it is not really a problem, as those affected can gradually have the adulteration bred out of them. However nothing could be further from the truth. It is impossible to breed that contamination out, all that can happen is that it can be diluted, by polluting other bloodlines with it, causing all those other bloodlines to become impure too.

Take a hypothetical example of a secluded population of 500 White people. One of them develops a fondness for his Black slave, who is the exception to the rule and shows intelligence and is attractive. The couple have children, who show little of the Negro’s features and more of the White man’s. A decision is made within the community to breed out the Negro blood through successive generations. Come back to that community in a thousand years time and there will not be one White man left. With just one family of mongrels it could take a thousand years for their blood to contaminate everyone in their community, but if there were more than one family, then the process would happen much quicker and be far more wide-spread. It has happened in just a few hundred years to most of the population of South America and we can see that this is what happened to the inhabitants of Arabia.

Mahra Arab
He was a White man, before he became an Arab.

Another problem with the ‘breeding the Black blood out’ theory is that after successive couplings only with White people, the Black features become less and less until it can become very hard for most people to actually identify the person as a hybrid. Some people may think this is a good thing – the person now looks ‘White,’ so surely there should be no problem breeding with them? This is actually the worst that can possibly happen, as those people in the community who knew of old that they should not race-mix, can now easily be deceived into doing so, thinking that they are breeding with someone White when really they are just polluting their posterity’s blood forever more.

It is not possible to allow individuals to race-mix without putting all future generations of pure-blooded White men in that community at risk. It means depriving future generations of the ability to preserve their heritage, even when they actively try to. It means denying people the right to not contaminate their bloodline.

There is no crime so severe as miscegenation. It introduces a corruption into nature that can never be undone. This is why it was always seen as forbidden – not because of some petty dislike of another person’s skin colour.

This mess in Egypt was not caused by bad governance, it was caused by miscegenation.