California: Judge Blocks School District’s Policy of Telling Parents If Their Kids are Trannies

The mongrel attorney general seems very proud of himself

These parents all ignored what was happening in the schools until they finally realized that the schools were secretly turning their kids gay, and parents were not being told.

Now we’re at the point where not only can teachers keep it a secret – they are required by law to keep it a secret.

Finally, these people have decided to whine a little bit.

Too little, too late.

Washington Examiner:

A California judge granted a temporary restraining order on a Chino Valley Unified School District Board of Education policy requiring parents to be notified if a student changes their gender identification.

The ruling comes a week after California Attorney General Rob Bonta filed a lawsuit against the conservative district, calling the notification rules a “forced outing policy” and claiming it discriminates against transgender and gender nonbinary students.

“The concern is how do we safeguard these students that identify as LGBTQ, and in my view, it’s a situation that is singling out a class of protected individuals differently than the rest of the students,” Judge Thomas Garza said in a ruling on Wednesday.


The board voted in favor of the policy in July, which is activated if a child requests to identify with a gender different than what is on his or her birth certificate or asks to use a different bathroom. School personnel have three days to tell a parent if a student falls under either of those categories. Hundreds protested against the decision, with board members defending the move saying they intend to protect parental rights.

Following the verdict, Bonta praised the judge’s decision, pledging to continue to advocate for LGBT students.

“San Bernardino Superior Court’s decision to issue a temporary restraining order rightfully upholds the state rights of our LGBTQ+ student community and protects kids from harm by immediately halting the board’s forced outing policy,” Bonta said in a statement.

Sonja Shaw, Chino Valley Unified School Board president, expressed her disappointment with the decision, but hopes to bring attention to the issue to motivate other districts to pass similar policies.

“I don’t understand why they are so gung ho on this issue, but everything else we have to inform the parents about,” Shaw said. “There is obviously an issue and parents are concerned.”

“I don’t understand why” – shut the fuck up, whore.

Everyone understands why.

It’s because the society is run by women and Jews, who make decisions designed to hurt men.

Don’t give me this “I don’t understand” bullshit, bitch.

You did this.