California: Parents Protesting Secret Child Trannification Clash with Antifa in Los Angeles

If you don’t want your kids turned into trannies in secret by the school, the FBI will send masked goons to beat you in the streets.

CBS News:

About 200 people marched through downtown Los Angeles today in support of parental rights and notification policies in schools, while a separate group gathered nearby to rally in support of LGBTQ+ youth, ultimately leading to an unlawful assembly declaration and three arrests.

Two people from the LGBTQ+ supporters and one from the parental rights side were arrested.

The parental rights march was organized in a social media campaign under the Instagram moniker Leave Our Kids Alone, supporting parental rights and opposing “indoctrination,” “sexualization” or “grooming” of children in schools.

That group backs policies adopted by some Inland Empire school districts requiring schools to notify parents if their children identify as transgender or try to identify as a gender other than the one listed on their birth certificate.

The Leave Our Kids Alone group assembled outside Los Angeles City Hall, then marched to Los Angeles Unified School District headquarters at Third Street and Beaudry Avenue, where some participants sat in the intersection, ultimately leading police to declare an unlawful assembly.

Meanwhile, members of the smaller counter-protest, some of whom waved Pride flags, assembled nearby, prompting officers to set up skirmish lines to keep the groups separated. According to reports from the scene, police attempted to push the counter-protesters back, but two people allegedly resisted and were taken into custody.

Opponents of parental-notification policies say such requirements can put LGBTQ+ students at risk if their families are not accepting of their gender identity.

Organizers of Tuesday’s counter-rally, including Ground Game LA and Queer Nation Los Angeles, accused the parental-rights group of “trying to bring their hate to Los Angeles City Hall,” and of promoting a “hate-filled, fascist agenda of fear.”

Some people in the Leave Our Kids Alone group waved American flags while others carried signs with slogans such as “Parental Rights Matter” and “Parental rights are non-negotiable,” and many wore shirts saying “Leave our kids alone.” One held a sign reading “Teach the Bible, not porn.”

The California government is investigating whether or not it is legal in California to tell parents their kids are being groomed to be trannies.

Until there is an iron law of dick chopping, these Antifa – a violent group of drug addicts paid by the government to attack people on the streets – will attack you on the streets.