Capcom Updates Game to Show Trigger Warning for “Insensitive Content”

You don’t need any context to know that some fat woman somewhere got triggered by this

Et tu, Capcom?

Niche Gamer:

Now that the long-awaited Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection is finally out – Capcom has already rolled out updates for the release.

While most game updates fix bugs or add new content, this update adds an “insensitive content” warning that now shows before the game.

“Capcom values diversity and inclusivity within its games and its community,” the message begins.

“Please be aware the games in this collection may contain some cases of insensitive cultural depictions that are presented as originally created to preserve their authenticity.”

The Japanese message, however, is much different and mentions nothing about “diversity” and “inclusivity” that western Capcom translators posted.

“We respected the originality of the work so we used the expressions from the game when we originally created it,” the Japanese message reads.

With any of these “insensitive content” warnings slapped on old media being re-released, specific examples aren’t given likely to avoid further outrage.

However, fans were quick to point out it’s probably for content like the “Whiskey Rapper” that speaks in pure ebonics:

The above NPC goes through a hilariously bad rapping segment and even says things like “I pray every morning to my God and the chicken he provides.”

There’s some other examples of flavorful NPC speech from the games like this classy line “Women. Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em, right?”

Capcom has been doing a lot of stuff like this lately, and this isn’t even the worse thing they’ve done.

They recently released some boring dinosaur game and used faggots in dresses to promote it, while in Japan they used some cutesy Vtubers.


That being said, I don’t think they’re going woke so much as they’re being told by the Jews and fat women working at their branches in the West that this is what the gaijin want, and there’s still plenty of normie retards who just buy basically anything that’s new and shiny to convince them it’s true.

Capcom and all these other Jap companies don’t do this stuff in Japan, or China, or Eastern Europe, just in the West – and even then it’s by all accounts mostly restricted to the English-speaking countries.

So I’m pretty sure Japan is still okay, at least for now.

Jews did this