Chess League Bans Trannies from Women’s League, Proving That Women are Intellectually as Well as Physically Inferior

The fact that women suck at chess proves that they really are inferior to men.

With the sports, you can say “oh well, of course they are physically weaker, but what does that matter in modern times???”

Being bad at chess means they are intellectually inferior, and therefore should not be treated as equals by society.

You can figure out how they should be treated. But we must start from the point of “women are inferior to men and therefore should be treated differently by society.”

I mean, we treat people with Down syndrome differently, do we not?

Personally, I think women should be banned from making their own decisions. That is to say, they should be “disenfranchised.” But regardless of how you think this issue should be dealt with, the fact that they have to ban trannies from playing chess because otherwise women will be destroyed by vastly more intelligent men pretending to be women, proves that women are mentally inferior, just as they are physically inferior, and we have to make decisions based on that basic fact of reality.


The world’s top chess federation has ruled that transgender women cannot compete in its official events for women until its officials make an assessment of gender change.

The decision by the Switzerland-based federation FIDE, published on Monday, has drawn criticism from advocacy groups and supporters of transgender rights.

FIDE said it and its member federations increasingly have received recognition requests from players who identify as transgender, and that the participation of transgender women would depend on an analysis of individual cases that could take up to two years.

“Change of gender is a change that has a significant impact on a player’s status and future eligibility to tournaments, therefore it can only be made if there is a relevant proof of the change provided,” the federation said.

“In the event that the gender was changed from a male to a female the player has no right to participate in official FIDE events for women until further FIDE’s decision is made,” it said.

Holders of women’s titles who change their genders to male would see those titles “abolished,” the federation said, while holding out the possibility of a reinstatement “if the person changes the gender back to a woman.”

“If a player has changed the gender from a man into a woman, all the previous titles remain eligible,” the federation said.

It acknowledged that such questions regarding transgender players were an “evolving issue for chess” and that “further policy may need to be evolved in the future in line with research evidence.”

Cathy Renna, communications director for the National LGBTQ Task Force in the United States, lashed out at what she said appeared to be “a case of ‘trans panic’ with no justification, not grounded in reality and once again marginalizing trans people.”

“The new ‘guidelines’ on trans competitors in chess are infuriating, confusing, contradictory and a sign that the anti-trans movement, particularly those who are promoting exclusion in sports, is spreading into other areas of competitive sport and is a very disturbing development,” Renna said in an e-mail.

Good luck fighting the tranny lobby.

The tranny lobby is superior to the vagina lobby for the same reason men win all these competitions – because men are superior to women.

I support trannies being in everything designed for women, of course. Because it proves, over and over again, that women are inferior to men. All of these people who complain about trannies in women’s competitions are saying “this isn’t fair because women are inferior to men.” This is obviously true.

There is a reason there are no women geniuses in any field, and the women who were competent at certain things usually had a husband who was competent in those things (how much did Percy help Mary with Frankenstein?).

Furthermore, this whole concept of “women’s sports” and women’s chess or whatever else was retarded from the beginning.

Women should stay at home and have kids.


End of story.