Children of the Soy Storm the Field, Shut Down Harvard-Yale Football Game!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 24, 2019

These protests rituals are going to just become a daily part of our lives now.

We must come to accept this.

They’ll start happening everywhere that you have a critical mass of soy-babies and weirdo women who dress like freaks. In America, it will become as common as a traffic accident or a shart in the ‘mart. Not something worth even bringing up on the news anymore.


A football game between two elite Ivy League universities froze for about an hour as a crowd of students and alumni staged a protest against investment in fossil fuels right on the playing field – and sparked an online outrage.

It was after the second quarter of the game at the Yale Bowl, New Haven, Connecticut, when scores of protesters from both colleges stormed the field, carrying banners and placards that accused the two prestigious universities of being “complicit in climate injustice” by investing in fossil fuel companies.

The fact of the matter is that these “hostile” actions are not what they appear to be at first glance. Harvard and Yale are not exactly bastions of conservative thought – so this was not an action deep in a hostile territory.

It was more like a PR stunt that was supported by the wokest students and faculty.

A totally fake protest. 

In other words, it was almost like it was part of the game – pre-game entertainment.

Between 40 and 50 students rushed to the field first and attempted to stage a sit-in. They were soon followed by some 500 others, local media estimated. While most protesters then dispersed peacefully, a small group of activists refused to leave the field, forcing the police and the security officials to move in and take them away.

And you know, one of these days, the police just won’t ever move in to arrest the people storming the pitch.

The weirdos will keep protesting and protesting for hours and hours, wondering when the batons that they’re so used to will come down on their skulls, realizing with disappointment that they might not.

Confused, the children of the soy will go home.

They’ll wonder aloud: “What is the point of these disruptions when no one even tries to stop us?”

Truly, we are not that far out from the day when all the fun comes to an end.