China and Russia Announce Even Stronger Sino-Friendship Agenda

I keep reading John Mearsheimer talking about how the US needs to ally with Russia to break them off from the Chinese, because the Russia-China alliance will destroy America.

Firstly, John, that is no longer possible. Maybe it was possible in 2017, but it isn’t possible now.

Secondly, John, America should be destroyed. We do not need to be a global hegemon. We will probably be a regional hegemon regardless, because every other country in the Americas is very weak, but even if we’re not, who cares?

The American Empire has not done shit for me. In fact, it ruined my life and the lives of everyone I care about. I will be very happy when China is controlling everything.

Tucker Carlson also promotes this whole “let’s ally with Russia against China” thing. I don’t even understand what these people are saying. It’s much too late. And no one will ever explain what the American Empire has done for the American people, aside from make them poor, fat, and gay.

The Guardian:

Russia and China have announced they will deepen their already close military ties, as Vladimir Putin met Xi Jinping in Beijing on his first foreign trip since being inaugurated for a new term as Russia’s president.

It is the latest in a string of statements and signals that the warm relationship between the two countries is as strong as it has ever been.

Xi’s red carpet welcome for Putin – a man he has described as his “best friend” – comes after a whistle-stop tour in Europe where the Chinese president faced tough questions on his country’s economic and political behaviour. On Tuesday, the Biden administration announced tariffs on $18bn (£14bn) of Chinese goods, angering Beijing.

In a press conference shortly after their meeting on Thursday, and before the two leaders sat down for a celebratory concert to mark the 75th anniversary of formal China-Russia relations, Putin praised the “warm and comradely” talks with Xi. In return, Xi said the friendship between China and Russia was “everlasting” and had “become a model for a new type of international relations”.

Mutual respect and joyful family happiness.

It’s what we all want.

China is much more powerful than Russia, but they are not trying to dominate Russia in the way that America dominates Europe and every other country it has relations with.

People can just be friends and work together. Not everything is about domination.

The two-day visit is packed with symbolic gestures that underline the mutually beneficial friendship that has blossomed since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Despite pressure from the west to lean on Putin to end the war in Ukraine, China’s economic and moral support for Russia has intensified since the start of the conflict. Xi and Putin see each other as allies in a parallel international and “multipolar” world order that can challenge a Washington-led global consensus.

There is some question as to whether China actually wants the Ukraine war to end. I think these are shill arguments, mainly, but there is some logic to them wanting this to go on and on so that the US doesn’t have the resources to mess with them.

That could be a conflict of interests, but it’s a small one. Even if Russia wins decisively, the war is still going to go on, because the US is going to have to keep pouring money and military resources into the Ukraine rump state to prevent Putin from marching to Lvov.

What’s more, the Jews are going to force the US into a war with Iran. I don’t see any way that this can be avoided at this point. So regardless of what happens, the US is not going to have the resources to start a war between the Philippines and China, let alone a war over Taiwan.

However, it is very obvious that time is on China’s side. The US is imploding. And you don’t interrupt your enemy while they’re making a very bad mistake.