Families of Uvalde Victims Settle for $2M After Badge Niggers Sat Around Doing Nothing While Kids Died

If my kids died because the cops completely refused to do their job, I would want more than $2 million. I mean, I wouldn’t expect the $5.8 million that Chicago blacks got last week because the water department was mean to them.

A dead kid is bad, but it’s nothing like someone being mean to you because they hate the color of your skin for literally no reason.

Still, I’d want at least like, $2.5 million.

New York Post:

Families of the victims of the Uvalde, Texas, mass school shooting announced Wednesday that they reached a settlement with the city and county over the botched police response to the massacre.

Ahead of the two year anniversary of the May 24, 2022 shooting at Robb Elementary School when an 18-year-old gunman killed 19 students and two teachers, the victims’ families announced the settlement and a separate lawsuit against the state.

The families agreed to a $2 million settlement with the city, which includes a pledge for the Uvalde Police Department to see improved standards.

In the aftermath of the massacre, law enforcement officials faced scrutiny for waiting some 77 minutes before breaching a classroom and killing the gunman.

During that period of time, students who were inside the classroom called 911, while their parents begged cops to go inside.

I don’t know how many parents there are, but no one is actually getting $2 million. They’re getting low six-figure checks.

These cops were literally standing around doing nothing. You remember that fat badge nigger with his sidearm out checking his phone?

Literal “herp derpy derpa derp herp, my dude.”

All these fat goops were checking their phones.

The lesson is, if your kids are ever trapped in a school with a mass shooter, tell the cops that the shooter criticized aid to Israel.

Cops don’t stand around doing nothing when people are speaking ill of God’s chosen people.

Frankly, the cops should be abolished. They don’t do anything to help anyone, and they do a whole lot to hurt people.

If the cops didn’t exist and there was a mass shooter, local men from the community would have him laid out in a couple minutes.

Part of it is just natural. If you are a man and you hear the neighborhood school is under siege and the locals kids are in danger, your blood gets hot and you’re ready to go do some killing.

Meanwhile, if you’re a badge nigger making $41,000 a year before taxes and you get told to run into gunfire as part of your work duties, it’s kinda like “you know what, nah.”

Maybe there would be some overlap between the male instinct to protect the community and children and the cops, but most likely, the cops aren’t from the community. And there is also just something about it being a job, as opposed to something instinctual.