China Sends New Hawkish Defense Minister to Singapore to Declare That Taiwan Traitors Will be Nailed to the Pillar of Shame

Just so you understand: the official Xi Jinping plan for reunification with Taiwan was “like, sometime in the 2040s or whatever.”

The plan was to get the Mainland up to the place where they are just as rich as Taiwan and to have so much open trade relation between Taiwan and the Mainland that “reunification” was just a technical matter which didn’t really mean anything in practice.

Then, of course, Beijing would add some massive financial incentive on top of it to sweeten the deal, and reunification would not even be something anyone was thinking about, as it would have effectively already happened via open trade and free movement.

That was the plan and the US knew that was the plan so they started agitating with lunatic propaganda, claiming that Beijing was planning a military invasion (which is the diametric opposite of what they were actually planning).

People who claim that Beijing wants to do a military invasion need to explain why they would want to do that, given that it is just obvious that the “long game” reunification plan would work very easily and require no violence or conflict at all.

But the Western media doesn’t have to explain anything. They just do emotional nonsense for babies. The total amount of adult discourse allowed by the Western media is “zero.”


The prospect of peaceful “reunification” with Taiwan is being increasingly “eroded” by Taiwanese separatists and external forces, Chinese Defence Minister Dong Jun said on Sunday, drawing an angry response from the government in Taipei.

China views democratically governed Taiwan as its own territory, over the strong objections of the government there, and last month staged war games round the island in anger at the May 20 inauguration of President Lai Ching-te, whom Beijing calls a “separatist”.

Speaking at the Shangri-La Dialogue conference in Singapore, Dong said Taiwan was the “core of core issues” for China, but Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party is incrementally pursuing separatism and bent on erasing Chinese identity.

Those separatists recently made fanatical statements that show their betrayal of the Chinese nation and their ancestors. They will be nailed to the pillar of shame in history,” he said.

Seriously epic statement.

This is the way I feel about Americans who support Israel.

After his speech, Dong was asked several questions by delegates but he remained focused on Taiwan and had to be prompted by the moderator to address other issues.

He accused foreign powers of interfering in “domestic issues”, and “emboldening Taiwan separatists”.

Dong added that while China was committed to peaceful reunification with Taiwan, the People’s Liberation Army “will remain a strong force for upholding national reunification”.

We will take resolute actions to curb Taiwan independence and make sure such a plot never succeeds,” he said. “We’re very confident in our capability to deter Taiwan independence.”

Frankly, Dong has always been more hawkish on this issue, and outside of the majority view in Beijing, which was to just keep things cool and take it slow.

You can kind of tell by his physiognomy that he would lean that way.

The reason Dong was hawkish, however, is not that he wanted to rush the process for the sake of rushing it, but because he didn’t ever trust the Americans.

He was a military man who was just given a political role last year as the entire Chinese government has been forced to recalibrate their stance on the Taiwan issue, as a result of the deranged and insane moves by Joe Biden’s government. He is now tasked with working closely with Russia to formulate an extreme military alliance, where they basically function as one entity, similar to the NATO situation.

He is also tasked with going to Singapore and talking about how traitors will be nailed to the pillar of shame.

China has not used this kind of language in many decades, but they now feel that because of the way the Americans are behaving, arming Taiwan and encouraging this lunatic separatism, abolishing the One China policy, they don’t have any choice but to put men like Dong in charge.