Canadian Cancer Society Apologizes for Saying “Cervix” Instead of “Front Hole”

How is this real?

I thought the “front hole” thing was a joke Anglin made up.

TNC News:

On a web page dedicated to cervical cancer, the Canadian Cancer Society is apologizing for referring to the cervix by its technical name rather than euphemisms such as “front hole.”

The agency also conceded that “men can have these body parts too.”

“Trans, non-binary and gender-diverse people face significant barriers to accessing healthcare and are less likely than cisgender people to be screened for cancer,” wrote the Canadian Cancer Society in a page on cervical cancer screening for LGBTQ people.

People without cervixes are less likely to be screened for cervical cancer?

That’s the crisis?

In a “words matter” section on the organization’s official website, the Canadian Cancer Society atoned for the fact that some non-binary and transgender people might find the term “cervix” offensive and preferred to use the term “front hole” to refer to female genitalia.

But you just said “female genitalia.”

There is no way to describe the front hole without identifying it as something men do not have.

“We recognize that many trans men and non-binary people may have mixed feelings about or feel distanced from words like ‘cervix.’ You may prefer other words, such as ‘front hole.’ We recognize the limitations of the words we’ve used while also acknowledging the need for simplicity,” the Canadian Cancer Society wrote.

From a similar campaign last year

True North reached out to the Canadian Cancer Society for comment but did not receive a response.

Women’s rights activists argue that the terminology is both objectifying and derogatory. British gender-critical writer Julie Burchill accused LGBT activists of erasing women by adopting the terms.

The term “front hole” and “bonus hole” have been popularized by LGBTQ activists as a replacement for the biologically correct term “vagina.”

In 2022, controversy erupted after the Boston Children’s Hospital used the term. Other organizations dedicated to women’s health have also adopted the offensive term.

“Bonus hole” is so funny that it proves that trannies really are just purposefully mocking women.

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