Chinese Billionaire Dies After Eating Poisoned Cat Stew

NY Daily News
August 17, 2013

The cat got a Chinese tycoon’s tongue — and took the rest of him, too.

Billionaire Long Liyuan died after noshing on slow-boiled cat meat stew during a business lunch in the Guangdong province, where cooked kitty is a local delicacy, police said.

Long, who made his fortune hacking down forests and developing property, was noshing a local official named Huang Guang and a pal named Huang Wen on Dec. 23 when he suddenly felt dizzy and started getting sick.

The trio had partaken of pussy cat stew there before, but Wen told the local Communist Party rag that this time it tasted “more bitter” than usual.

Guang and Wen also were sickened, but not nearly as bad as 49-year-old Long, who had eaten with relish before keeling over and going into cardiac arrest.

Police at first arrested the restaurant owner on suspicion of serving unsanitary food, the Nanfang Daily reported.

But Long’s family smelled a rat and pressed the police to investigate deeper.