Coerced by Declining American Empire, Kenyan Court Tries to Force People to Do Sodomy on Each Other

Gay sex in Africa is a Jewish conspiracy.

That’s not a joke, friends.

The US State Department and the National Endowment for Democracy, as well as, frankly, the US Department of Defense, all play a role in coercing African governments to force their populations to have gay anal sex with one another.

If you just spend a minute attempting to process this, you will understand how the United States received the moniker “The Great Satan.”

Life Site News:

Kenyan lawmakers and religious leaders have expressed outrage after the country’s Supreme Court ruled in a 3-2 decision late last month to allow homosexuals to establish pro-LGBT organizations. The move by the Court came despite the fact that homosexual actions and relationships remain illegal in the socially conservative Kenya.

The Supreme Court of Kenya ruled on February 24 that “despite gayism being illegal” in Kenya, people who identify as LGBT still “have a right of association,” ACI Africa reported.

The decision has sparked outrage among Kenyan lawmakers, religious leaders, and others, who contend that the move will work to normalize homosexuality within the country and allow for the establishment of pro-LGBT non-governmental organizations (NGO)s, thereby eroding Kenyan culture.

In comments to the press on Monday, Kenyan Senate Majority Leader Aaron Cheruiyot pointed to the Kenyan Constitution, which he said makes clear that “as a people, we recognize the supremacy of God, the Creator of Heaven and earth.”

He also noted that in Article 45 of the country’s Constitution marriage is defined as a union between a man and a woman.

“We believe in the family unit as the basis for a good society,” he said. “Our society is a multi-religious society. But at least, if there’s one thing that we agree [on], from Christians, to Muslims, to Hindu, is in the fact that we, to the best of our knowledge and understanding, we believe that marriage is a union between a man and a woman.”

“Anything else is strange and not an acceptable practice in our country,” he said.

Kenyan House Leader Kimani Ichung’wah also weighed in, opposing the Supreme Court’s ruling and asserting that “we shall not allow our cultures to be mutilated by cultures that are … alien to us.”

For Cheruiyot, the Supreme Court’s decision to grant LGBT people the right to assemble in spite of the fact that their activities are illegal under Kenyan law is “absurd.”

Kenya, whose religious demographics include Christians, Muslims, and Hindus, has maintained a more traditional understanding of marriage and traditional relationships than many other countries. Kenyans who are found guilty of engaging in homosexual behavior can be sentenced to 14 years behind bars under Kenya’s Penal Code 1930.

In comments to Citizen TV Kenya, Catholic Nyeri Archbishop Antony Muheria said caution must be exercised in delineating between welcoming and supporting people who have particular “inclinations” as opposed to advocating “evil” actions.

“They are brothers and sisters with certain inclinations. Some of them, and I would say most of them, without any bad on their part that has made them be that way,” he said.

“However, the actions of homosexuality are never deemed acceptable,” he continued. “They are evil. Therefore, if this association is so as to spread, popularize, and bring about more and more people into this kind of actions and behavior, then we call it out as evil, and must be addressed as s[uch].”

Muslims leaders have also spoken out vehemently against the ruling.

Meanwhile, the religious leaders and legislative leaders aren’t alone in expressing their opposition.

Citizen Kenya TV reported that other Kenyan MPs are urging citizens to reject the ruling, arguing the Supreme Court doesn’t have the authority to make such decisions.

Echoing Ichung’wah’s concerns, nominated MP Jackson Kosgey took a veiled shot at western cultures actively promoting the LGBT agenda around the world, arguing “we cannot be dictated on by a civilization on its lowest ebb in history.”

That’s a very good point.

The tolerance of gay anal activities, including rimjobs and fisting, is always a sign of a culture in absolute decline. In fact, history shows that the embrace of these activities, which also include eating poop mixed with your own semen out of another man’s anus, denote a civilization as standing on the precipice of utter collapse.

Conversely, Africa’s high birthrate and sturdy religious values (both Christian and Islamic), mark a society on the verge of an explosion in global influence.

We should note that Africans have a significantly lower average intelligence than that of the white, Asian, Semitic, Indian, and Arabian civilizations we would be comparing them to in an historical analysis. That said, it is inconceivable that if Africans were to reject the social agenda being pushed on them by the Jews, that they would punch well above their intellectual weight class in the coming decades, and move to surpass Western white civilization. After all, these “white” societies they are in competition with are now demographically largely defined by low IQ immigrant groups, with the white men in these societies largely being consumed with drug addiction and sodomy.

It is the epitome of foolishness to embrace the sickening values of a dying society like Western civilization, which cannot hope to overcome impending doom.

One of the members of parliament, Farah Maalim, said the lawmakers would file a motion to censure the Supreme Court “for trying to legislate from the bench.”

Late last month, a South Korean high court granted men in same-sex relationships eligibility to be considered a “couple” for the purposes of national health insurance coverage, LifeSiteNews reported. The decision was South Korea’s first move in awarding privileges under the law for people in homosexual unions.

The U.S. and other western nations have notably encouraged the spread of LGBT ideology across the globe. Late last year, the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Affairs (DRL) announced a $1.5 million grant program to fund LGBT organizations worldwide.

The US is a blight and a cancer on the world, and in fact, engaged in open rebellion against the universal order that defines all matter.

It is very tiresome to see “conservatives” argue in support of the American state, given that they are, necessarily, defending gay anal sex, including forced gay anal sex in Africa.

Many Americans, including gay marriage defender Tucker Carlson, who has recently been dubbed “Fister Carlson” due to his claims that shoving your entire fist into another man’s rectum is a kind of “love,” support the American state on the pretext that it represents an embodiment of the historical values and culture of the native people of the United States. These lost and demented individuals even argue that support for the American state amounts to a kind of patriotism.

As someone who ranks patriotism among my highest callings, second only to my Christian identity, I would argue that support for the American state, the very entity that has destroyed the historical values and culture of America, amounts to “reverse patriotism” or “anti-patriotism,” also known as “being a traitor.”

Imagine an analogy:

A man comes into a boy’s home and kills his father. He then starts claiming to be the boy’s father, and demands that he will call him “father,” even as the man from whose loins the boy sprung is laying dead on the living room floor. This stranger who has murdered his father then begins giving him orders: “As your father, I order you to take my gun and go around the neighborhood and force all of our neighbors to do gay anal sodomy on each other, including rimjobs and fisting.”

Would it make sense for the boy to follow these instructions, while citing loyalty to his father as the reason for his obedience? Or would we, in fact, believe that the boy is suffering from some kind of psychological derangement if he had anything at all to do with this man who killed his father?

Indeed, the only reasonable path for the boy is to go to the neighbors and seek assistance in defeating the imposter father, so that he can resume his natural role as head of the household, now that his father has been killed.

Loyalty to his father and to his family would mean siding with the neighbors against the murderer who occupies his house. He would never say “I have to side with this man because he is living in my house and therefore that means he possesses the moral authority of my father whom he killed.” In fact, were this boy to side with the killer of his father and carry out his orders to force everyone in the neighborhood to do sodomy, he would be betraying his family, dishonoring the life and legacy of his father, and destroying the neighborhood for no reason. By empowering the imposter “father,” he would also ensure that he himself was never able to assume the role of head of the household, which is, in fact, his birthright.

Do you understand?

It is the patriotic duty of the American people who are not in league with the Jews to stand with other countries against the American state. This is actually not counterintuitive, and is in fact obvious, and the reason that people cannot see it is that they are traumatized and have developed Stockholm syndrome for the people who destroyed their country.