Coming Soon: Philadelphia’s First Fat People Convention

This obese non-binary streetshitter is gonna be the keynote speaker

There’s nothing wrong with being a fat, worthless piece of shit.

Sure, you’ll die young and in agony after having contributed nothing at all to society, but there is nothing wrong with that.

After all: nothing means anything.

That, my friends, is the key to utopia.

Campus Reform:

Temple University plans to host a conference “for fat people, by fat people” this fall.

Philly FatCon will run from October 28-29. Philadelphia’s first ever fat-focused conference will host “fat speakers, influencers, performers” and more.

The keynote speaker, Sonalee Rashatwar, a.k.a. The Fat Sex Therapist, defines “thinness as a white supremacist beauty ideal” and focuses on offering “fat positive sexual healthcare” to patients.

This is the kind of wisdom attendees can expect

Rashatwar has previously hosted workshops on topics such as “Understanding the White Supremacist Origins of Fatphobia” and “the intersection of fatness and gender on queer bodies” as stated online.

The conference organizers, Adrinanne Ray, Kenyetta Harris, and Donelle Jaggman, each own plus-size clothing or lingerie stores in the Philadelphia area. “This is such a dream!” Ray posted to Instagram, “to have a space for the fat community where fatphobia doesn’t exist.”

The mission of Philly FatCon is to guide individuals through “this fatphobic world and society in a different way,” co-organizer Ray said, and to acknowledge heavy people who may “often [be] overlooked because of their size.”

I love fat people, personally.

I think they should eat a lot more.

I think they should eat so much that they can’t fit out the doors of their houses.

The two-day event takes place in Howard Gittis Student Center on Temple’s campus and will include expert panels, a fat marketplace, and evening burlesque performances for attendees.

FatCon plans to go beyond bringing ‘body positivity’ to the Philadelphia campus, and denounces similar terms like ‘body image’ and ‘body neutrality’ as they are believed to be ‘triggering’ to certain individuals.

The convention has attracted multiple sponsors who plan to help advance FatCon’s mission, including Radiance Medical Group, which provides its patients with gender affirming practices, as well as featured speaker Dr. Joy Cox, author of Fat Girls in Black Bodies.

“The marginalization of fat bodies along with several other identities (i.e., race, disability, gender, etc.) need outlets that remind and affirm them that they are more than what mainstream society paints them to be because this is often done through a stigmatized lens,” Dr. Cox told Campus Reform.

It’s funny that fat people say that being fat is like being black.

Blacks would probably be mad about that, but they don’t read this crap, and the media makes sure they’re not really aware of most of the weird shit that goes on in this country.

I could listen to this all day